Harlan Buys Diamond Oaks

Saw this on Jon Bonne’s Facebook page. Diamond Oaks is a small winery and vineyard just below Futo. Use to be owned by Mondavi and they gave it some Italian name, can’t remember. It is right off Oakville Grade. Maybe 3 acres of vines but also 2-3 acres of olive trees that could be ripped out and planted. Also a winery on premises.

Harlan has been doing some buying lately, also picking up the awesome Lone Canyon vineyard from Ladera last year.

Your $500 a bottle for grape juice hard at work. headbang pileon [stirthepothal.gif]

Is that the La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi Winery, formerly Vichon?


Vichon! Wow, there’s a name from the great Napa days of old! How times have changed.

Pretty prime land huh? All that Sangiovese ripouts!

Wow. Those names are bringing me back…

Is this for a future Bond bottling?

I would say that one never really knows whats in B. Harlans mind…

You’re telling me. I grew up [literally] at that winery when it was Vichon.

If the rootstock is good, wouldn’t you graft cabernet buds instead?

First rule of vineyard takeovers…pooh-pooh previous rootstock choices. [tease.gif]