Halcon for Sale?

Just saw a listing on our vintners association that Halcon is for sale. Unable to post the link taking bids over $2M.

I think that’s both a winery and a vineyard. Is it both for sale together?

The vineyard makes wine.

162 acres total, 14 planted. I’m sure Paul will chime in soon.


Did you think of sending Paul a PM or email? Might be better than using the forum


Whoa, what’s going on?


Yes it is true that we have the vineyard on the market. We are planning a return to Europe early next year. Ready for a new chapter/retirement. Looking at N Portugal or NW Spain.




Calling to make an order.

Good luck with the sale, Paul. Here’s hoping you get a bidding war with trucks of cash being thrown at you and Jackie!

Got your message Curtis. We are about to hop on a plane to Seattle. Call you later today.


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Best of luck Paul. We will surely miss your magnificent wines. Guess it’s time to order all the '19s I can!

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Are you switching from Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre to Mencia/Bastarda/Godello/Albarinho?

Good luck in your new endeavor! [cheers.gif]

Been looking at all the TNs on Halcon Wines and wondering how mad the rush would be when the news came out. I’ve gotta get my requests in now that everyone knows. Crossing my fingers that it winds up in good hands…

Sad to hear it Paul but happy for you both. Cant pretend to know how much of a labor of love winemaking is but you all make fantastic wines, largest allocation of CA wines in my cellar. Especially enjoyed personal touch of hand delivery of wines. Congrats on next chapter. I’ll be in touch to buy more.

I’m happy for you Paul but sad that with you and Casey retiring the weather and farming thread is going to be losing two great posters next vintage.

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Having just retired this Spring, you know when it’s time to move on to your next adventure. I am happy for you and Jackie and wish you all the best as you move forward. Thank you for your vision of producing amazing Rhône varietal wines. You will missed in the wine community.

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Wow. A real shame on the tails of finally getting some real recognition and making some of your best wines ever. But it’s also nice to go out on top. A shame for us geeks but a win for the Gordons.


I plan to buy as much as I can next BerserkerDay, if they are participating…please please please