Ha! Al least I have some classy friends/fellow Board members and I don't mean Bulletin Board./

Just finished a meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation at my house. One of my fellow Directors brought a bottle of 2009 Pegau Cuvee Reservee. I opened a 2005 HAG Hospices de Beaune Volnay Cuvee Gaudin and a 2011 Knebel Rottgen Kabinett, so we did a nice job of filling the wine spectrum. Not a Beringer White Zin in sight. The Pegau is a baby but it was still outstanding. Two hours after pop and pour, it was taking on nice smooth white pepper notes. A bit of raspberry. Anyone know how much syrah there might be in this? The pepper was definitely reminiscent of northern Rhone syrah.

The 2005 Volnay is still a baby. It is beginning to develop a bit from the bottles I opened a few years ago, but it has a long way to go. Did I say LONG way! I opened this to determined whether I should try any of my Corton and Mazis Grand Cru. No Way. I am afraid those will probably be enjoyed by my children. There’s about 6 ounces left. poured back in the bottle, vacuumed and put in the refrigerator for tomorrow. It showed some red fruit, cherries, a bit of herbs and a nice overall presentation, but WAY TOO YOUNG.

I did not taste the Knebel but have enjoyed it before. Re-screwed and will taste it again tomorrow…

I think this thread should be moved to the new forum. The reference to white Zin is vaguely offensive because I just read an article about that and the article said the wine was respectable now. So off you go. We’re finished with the likes of you.

BTW Jay, what are you doing with Volnay? Good move to foist it off on those freeloaders. Kind of a French Defense, no?

Hey Jay; Nice note on the Volnay…Good to hear it is such a baby as I purchased the mag they you donated earlier this year at Falltacular.

Marshall [cheers.gif]

If I were you, which thank god I am not neener , I would hold the mag for at least 5 years, probably more, and watch for my tasting notes on the 750s I still have, of which there are about 10 left.

I should report this post as an offensive post about offensiveness. Besides, I hate the French Defense because I always end up messing up the Winawer Variation with white and I play the KID as black so I am never on that side of France. I guess that makes me a left bank proponent from the black side.

Oh—that was goo-ooood. [grin.gif]

Jay, did they say they were your friends or is this a hypnothetical sort of thing?

Thanks for checking in on that 05, Jay. Only reinforces my determination to leave, leave, leave and let most of the 05s sleep, sleep, sleep.

As an aside, Pawn Sacrifice is coming to the Film Festival here, Tobey Maguire playing Fischer, Liev Schreiber Spassky, and Ed Zwick directing. It’s a gala, but I’m going to try to get a ticket to the 2nd or 3rd showing.

Marshall—great new avatar!

For some reason this image comes to mind

Must be because they are playing a KID Classic which, as referenced above, is a Left Bank variation for black.