"Gulpable" Wines?

A month ago I posted about a really nice $20 Cab called Waterstone on eBob.

I have kept thinking about this wine lately because it was soooooo easy to drink. I could GULP it!

I love Napa’s super high end, high-octane, high-tannin wines, but my palate is pleading for a break and I want to have more of these “gulpable” yet reasonably ripe wines for everyday use. From America, btw, not Europe.

Specifically, I want gulpable wines that are NOT green and not too expensive (under $40.) That’s about it. Heck, it can even be Merlot. What are some recommendations?

The Fisticuffs Cab is pretty good for $29, I think it 14% but really easy to drink. I haven’t tried the '06, I think it releases in a few weeks.

I think the Kuleto Cabernets fit the bill

The 2004 that I took delivery of last week definitely fits.

2006 Qupe Central Coast syrah fits the bill. So does the 2006 Louis Martini Sonoma cabernet.

If you like Gamay, Edmunds St. John’s Bone Jolly (both the red and rosé) are eminently slurpable and $15 - $17 or so.

Bogle Phantom ~ although I don’t see what all the hoopla is over.

Anything R Winery ~ Chris Ringland/Dan Phillips

The '05 Rosenblum Petit Syrah “Heritage Clone” $14, fits the bill to me. A touch sweet, but I like it.

Had two bottle of it at a restaurant in Aruba a few weeks ago. [dance2.gif]

I bet a lot of petite sirahs are great ‘gulpable’ wines…sort of the perfect blend of sweet, but not too sweet, big mouthfeel, and smoothness in the tannic structure


DAMN!! I only WISH I had “Lang Money”…Just checked WS, and I see that you…and that Texan too I guess, gulp down $40 wines! [drinkers.gif] [haha.gif]

Don’t be silly. They don’t gulp $40 wines - that’s a 750ml bottle.

They gulp only double mags. Signed.

Just had a Bishop’s Peak cabernet sauvignon a week or so again that fits this bill. Fruity and no structure.

I literally can’t remember the last time I bought a good $40 bottle of US red wine. However, I have been gulping the 2006 Clos St. Jean CDP which at $20 (way to go PC!), for my palate at least, can’t be beat.

Gulpable wines for me tend to be the unvalued Euro-slurpers, like Michele Chiarlo’s Barbera d’Asti (with a slight chill on it), Shinas, The Innocent Viognier, and a beautiful Valle d’Aosta Pinot Noir ‘Crotta di Vergeron’ that drank like a dream.

Does that mean what it sounds like (shepherd’s poop)? And do you know what language it is–it’s not French or Italian, AFAIK. Maybe some border dialect?

Just curious, nothing to do with the wine itself, of course…

HooHah, this is my 1000th post!! Time to drink something.

When I think of gulpable I think of Muscadet, Provencal rose, Kabinett, Albarino, Vinho Verde, Beaujolais, Verdejo, Montepulciano, Cotes du Rhone, etc…

Edmunds St John Bone Jolly should fit the bill nicely.

A lot of the other wines being proffered would be hard for me to gulp but I guess taste is personal…

Just what I was thinking, Josh… most US wines have too much alcohol, high pH, low acidity, etc, to truly fall into that category. Slightly cooler European regions do a much better job on average.

Loring Pinots do it for me!

On a linguistic note, the French have a wonderful word for this.


It means fun to drink but also fresh and delicious.

In English there is “quaffable” sometimes spelled “coiffable”…

I feel that I get that quality in some of the young Nebbiolo Langhe wines… It would also be the perfect quality to find in the best Beaujolais.

What, no whites?

All of these are less than $15:
Leitz “Dragonstone” Riesling = KoolAid for adults
Las Colinas del Ebro Garnacha Blanco
Regusse Aligote
Quinta da Murta Vinho Branca
Crios Torrontes
Boutari Moschofilero