Guess which wine: Opened before Christmas and forgotten. Tasting just wonderful now

Sometime in December I opened a bottle of this wine and drank ¼. Approx 6 weeks later I found it standing up in my cellar. It tastes so good, same expression as after being opened 24 Hors. No oxidation (I am pretty sensitive to that)
It is the 2012 Willi Schäfer GH Kabinett. Under screwcap.

I’ve forgotten some REDS in the fridge for a few weeks, usually the last half of a half bottle, and discovered later that they were just fine!

Slowwww ox.

Actually more medium fast-ox, as the oxygen-exposed surface of the wine was the full bottle diameter.
I have previous experienced similar behaviour from Auslese, but nut a Kabinett. [welldone.gif] Willi

I think the 2012 WSs need that much oxygen at this point. Shutting down hard.

Great run while it lasted, I’m putting the rest of mine away for now.

Jay I thought the same when I opened the bottle.
Needless to say the same applies for the J J Prum bottling.

I’m not sure the “need” a month of oxygen, but a lot of 2012s are indeed shutting down.

No “need” but it does not hurt

When I am done tasting samples, I may move them to a box or shelf for consolidation before I dump what is left and recycle glass. It isn’t that uncommon the white wines that may have a cork shoved in, or no cork at all can still show very little oxidation after several weeks.