Green Wine Guide

The wine industry is experiencing a change – a change that will alter the way you understand and enjoy wines. Alongside some of the finest labels in the industry is an increasing number of phenomenal wines that come from vineyards practicing organic and biodynamic principles of agriculture. What exactly is biodynamics, how does it change the taste and ecological impact of wine, and how might you find organic wineries? We answer all these questions and more in the Green Wine Guide.

Planted just ten miles from Paso Robles’ famed Highway 46 wine route, Halter Ranch is a sustainable vineyard deeply rooted within California’s history. The property made its Hollywood debut back in 1990 when its rumored-to-be-haunted Victorian farmhouse appeared in the creature-feature Arachnophobia. The house was built in 1885 by the property’s first owner and has since been fully restored. That’s not its only claim to fame, though – Ronald Reagan announced his second-term run for governorship at the ranch in 1967 near the property’s 3,400-foot airstrip. But of course, we visited Halter Ranch to check out the incredible wine it makes through sustainable practices.

This is, I think, a very cool site. It’s loaded w/ recipes and articles. Go look if you like.

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OK. Did you look at the Green Wine Guide site, or are you just stating a general opinion? I’m curious because the site offers a lot of really good stuff outside of just green wineries.

Both of the pics are links. I just picked 2 that I thought were interesting.

Some cool recipes…

I didn’t dig ,the beet pizza picture!! Kinda of a turn off to see a white crust pie, but as I looked further some interesting ideas.


I thought the concept was really interesting, although the crust could be done better. If I play with this one, I will probably try a more classic match of goat cheese to start with. At a glance, the site looks ok to me. Curious about George’s drive-by. Could you clarify your thoughts?

are 04 red Burgs listed?


Go look, and let us know.

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