Green Chile Chicken Stew and Margaritas with Melissa Nicholson

Yesterday evening Melissa Nicholson arrived in Santa Fe. Carollee went to pick her up, while I finished the Green Chile Chicken Stew and the pitcher of Margaritas. The green chile chicken stew stew was started around 2:30pm by browning Pollo Real whole chicken legs, seasoned with garlic powder, in blood orange olive oil. Then when the chicken legs were browned, I added two cups of rich chicken stock and one cup of vegetable stock, seasoned with chopped garlic, sliced onion, SI Fines Herbes, and chervil. About fifteen minutes later I added ten green chiles to the stew. The Green Chile Chicken Stew was braised for three hours. Then I removed the lid to reduce the broth some. I heated a 303 tin of pinto beans in a little vegetable stock, seasoned with onion powder and garlic powder. The beans were placed in the bottom of the bowl with a ladle; the green chile stew was ladled on top of the beans. By the time Melissa and Carollee got back, it was time to eat and drink. We had almost a litre of Margaritas, and each had a full bowl of Green Chile Stew. The stew wasn’t real hot, so the Margarita were very good with it.

Then for dessert, we had Brie de Meaux, Double Cream Brie, and Idiazabal Cheeses with a 1996 Lambert Bridge Zinfandel ‘The Team Connection’ - fill 3/4" below the capsule, cork fully saturated; color a rich ruby-garnet with no lightening of the edge, good rich dark berry-cherry-currant fruit, barely adequate acidity; with a medium-long developed berry fruit finish.

No nutmeg?

No nutmeg on green chile chicken stew.

I only put nutmeg on alfredo sauces.

I had to Google a “303 tin”, so thank you for the educational tidbit. Sounds delicious.

+1. … And not the first time a Dick post sent me Googling.