Green Bay, October 16, Lambeau Field, 9 am

The Schedule Gods were kind this year. Eight years ago, I missed the Lambeau Field rotation because my niece got married. I told everyone that if they scheduled something for the Jets/Packers game day eight years later, I would not come. So far, so good. AND if everything goes right, I will have completed my chemo series three weeks earlier so I will be permitted to drink. I do not know what the Lambeau tailgating rules are, but if anyone wants to share a few bottles of my SQN and one of my Saxum mags, SAVE THE DATE. If you have any experience at tailgating or related activities before games at Lambeau, please let me know. I’m thinking that I will get there a day early, buy a Weber and coals, have Flannery shipped in, or maybe bring a smoked brisket or two in my luggage. Hey, the brisket worked for Falltacular 2020 and the TSA didn’t even steal it.

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ATTABOY! I do not think you should bring in Flannery, rather enjoy Johnsonville brats, boiled in beer and onions, then grilled, on kaiser rolls, and put boiled onions and mustard on top, nothing more (unless sauerkraut, that is perfect).

I may even look to see if I can join you there, with my son. That Saxum crap won’t fly either - when in Rome, Hack.

Brats with onions is an excellent idea. I will go with that, and maybe bring some Katz’s pastrami to balance things out. The problem is that beer has too many carbohydrates to drink. I can boil brats in it but not drink it. BUT can’t I get any brats better than Johnsonville factory made brats?

Of course you can - there are hundreds of local butchers who make brats in the area, will blow your mind.

As for beer, just have one to wash down the brats :slight_smile:

We got in the parking lot a few years years ago for 530pm game at 9am. They know how to tailgate and it was awesome. Not sure when the parking lot opens but the Packers faithful will be there as soon as it opens.

A little bit like the Jets, but they only open 5 hours before the game. I am going to assume that Packers fans are normal human beings, in contrast to Raiders fans or Eagles fans, who cannot be trusted to allow you to leave the game alive.

The game I was at was against the Steelers and got an invite from folks at the table next to us at dinner the night before. The tail gate scene at Lambeau was wild. As for the Packer fans, you have nothing to worry about. A van full of Steeler fans pulled across from us and before they had anything set up, they brought over 4 big cocktails and next thing you know, Steeler fans spent the rest of the day with us. Over the next week, Steeler fans flooded the letters to the editor page with thanks for being such great hosts and hoped their own fans would treat visiting Packer fans as well on the next visit.
If anyone ever wants the ultimate tail gate experience, you must visit Lambeau. Jay hosted me at a Jets game once after a BerserkerFest and that’s the same vibe. Jay, you will fit right in. Even if you bring Flannery!

I am working on my home made Bratwurst technique!

Although the flight pattern can vary by wind, I’ve found that on the majority of my flights into GRB, a seat on the left side of the plane will give you a nice preview of TitleTownUSA.

And of course, bring your own wine, because…

Kidding aside, I’ve found that the WIne Cellar in De Pere actually has a decent selection and some wines that many Berserkers might actually drink.

Link provided, but not useful except for directions, as they do not have an on line inventory.

BTW, you can get your Cheese Head and 5lb bag of Cheese Curds in the Packers shop at the airport while you are waiting for your baggage, to save time and avoid the lines at Lambeau. [berserker.gif]

Go Pack!



y wife just told me that her best friend’s daughter’s wedding is that weekend. I told her she was going alone. Did the same thing when her friend’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was on the same day as a Jet’s home playoff game. I went to the service and then sent her to the reception with her friends.