Great Slate article on Aussie wine industry

Here’s a great article on a subject I never tire of: Aussis Wines.
Our own Mr. Posner is quoted here as well." onclick=";return false;

Aussie Shiraz is the wine I really want to enjoy but just can’t seem to get a hold of. I find many of the southern (read: cooler) climate wine more in tuned with my preferences. Some interesting stuff here.

If this subject is too bias (as it seemed to be eleswhere) just pass it by. Maybe it will go 527 posts long and many reiterations within the next oh, I don’t know…7 months? [rofl.gif]

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I thought it was a well balanced article though some uber sensitive people on other sites don’t seem to think so. He explained how the Aussies hit a bubble when one part of the market got huge scores and how many sheep followed. Now that the bubble has popped he also explains that there are actually very good wines from Australia if one forgets about one segment of the production. Nicely done unlike some wine writers who seem to start with conclusions and then move ahead proving their political palates righteousness.

I also thought it was a good article.

This article seemed fair, compared to other recent articles that shall not be named.

There was a great thread that was started on the Parker board yesterday about this article. John Liotta, whom I do not know, went on and said I should have not been quoted as I was biased about the wines. I came back at John and told him that we sell a lot of Aussie wine. I told him that my bias was towards BAD wine, and it just so happened that Australia produces a lot of BAD wine.

Mark Squires piled on and said that I was completely biased along with other retailers. He did not give any reason, as he is Mao and no reason is ever necessary with him. And they had a great laugh about it.

I then questioned Mark directly about bias in the wine business and started with wine critics accepting free meals, free trips, free stays, free EVERYTHING from certain wine importers and wineries and wine regions. After a few other posts, the thread was not just closed, but it was deleted.

The truth will come out someday. Squires opened up a can of worms that will not close now. Many would like to know the answers to the questions I posed.

Dan Posner:

Mark Squires piled on and said that I was completely biased along with other retailers. He did not give any reason, as he is Mao and no reason is ever necessary with him. And they had a great laugh about it.

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Please respect my avatar…

I don’t know if it is fair as the article title seems to do, to lay it all on the shoulders of the Casellas. Certainly as we discussed here when Dr. Jay Miller made his commentary in the last WA, there has been a huge shift in the perception of Oz in even the moderately wine conscious consumer. That much is spot on and people like Randall Graham were pointing this out years ago. Yellow Tail created the template for marketing to the commodity wine consumer like it has never been done before. Accessories to the crime though would certainly seem to be importers and wholesalers here in the States, retailers who have no interest in selling quality wines, and that segment of the American wine buying public who with their lemming mentality and ridiculous fear of trying anything remotely different or unfamiliar cause them to consume Coca~cola and McDonald’s brands and think better of themselves for it.

Dan, I caught it there. What a clusterf**k those people create.
I know, his ball blah blah blah, but it surely gets old, just not as old as a 550 post/7 months old thread about hookers, Bordeaux, and pomp.

It was a good article. It sparked discussion. How many more posts about PC screwing over customers will be allowed to stay up? Surely, that gets old, with the same old regime coming to defend?

A thread about cellartracker was started yesterday by Don Cornutt and whether the scores were useful. After about 10 posts, the thread went to social hall. Yaacov went on and complained about it moving to social hall. He said it must be due to the new competing software that Parker is releasing. Squires came on and ripped Yaacov, which is what a maoderator ought to do. Yaacov attacked back. A few more posts and the thread was DELETED! It was not closed, but instead deleted.

Censorship is alive and well on the Parker board!" onclick=";return false;

Wonder if a defamation suit will follow…betcha the allegation of using the email content without the strict permission of the author will be at the forefront. [rolleyes.gif]

I was wondering exactly the same thing, as Mao seems to pull that card quite often…

“…And don’t contact me about this again, especially through PMs because that’s NOT what PMs are intended for.”


Yes, but as he jolly well knows, once you have sent a correspondence to someone, whether it is a letter, memo or email, you have in effect “published” it and it belongs to the recipient.

It does not violate any law to publish an email that you receive. And defamation requires a false statement of fact, not a pissing contest about opinions or qualifications.

You would have to be able to prove that you did not write what you actually wrote for it to be defamation. Considering Mark has written on Dr. Vino’s blog, I do not think he is denying what he wrote, he is just upset that it was published.

I have a few emails saved as well. Just wish I had saved more. :wink:

Squires must be hating himself for posting there since he can’t delete it. I have one of your posts saved in response to Squires concerning the article in this thread.

Thanks Cris, you never know when those posts will come in handy. If I had all of my posts that were deleted, I could write a very long, uninteresting, book.