Great restaurant - Redd Wood (Yountville, NV, CA)

Ok, I admit I have stopped here every chance I have gotten now for several weeks. Well, it’s KIND of on my way back from Napa to Calistoga - close enough. This food is phenomenal! Basically appetizers, salads, pizza and pasta expertly conceived and turned out. Man! Think about $15 for whatever you order, so we ate here (again) for lunch today, and it was about $60 plus tip for 2 large appetizers and 2 good-sized portions of pasta. We brought at least half the pasta home because we just couldn’t consume it all (not huge eaters, but like variety).

Today I had a burrata crostini I think it was - gooey homemade cheese falling apart over balsamic marinated radicchio and a bunch of other ingredients that packed in incredible flavor. Spaghettini with grilled baby artichokes (no wine so good to go on those), porcini, spinach, garlic, and some other tasty stuff absolutely coating the pasta without being heavy at all. Homemade pappardelle with rabbit sugo, etc. etc.

Nice casual atmosphere. Today the service was great, other times it has been a bit slow. Check it out next time you are in Napa.

I agree the food is good and most of the dishes are interesting. Good pizza and all around well prepared menu. [welldone.gif]

Had lunch there the same day you did and had the burrata as well as the other special (squash blossoms), bucatini a pizza and little gem salad. Everything was on point, glad it’s a neighborhood place that is walkable.

Also had lunch there recently and loved it! Great pizza.


I had the squash blossoms earlier in the week - that was fantastic! Along with the shaved vegetable salad (I think with Gems). I’m going to be in Napa 3-4 days this week, and am now trying to rationalize NOT going there for lunch [cheers.gif]

In passed through today and stopped for lunch but I was 20 minutes early and really didn’t have time to hang around in Y’ville so I missed out. [swearing.gif]

Call me next time! I resisted the urge today. Drove from Calistoga to Napa and back, sans food.

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IS ReddWood the place across from Ponchas?

Yes. I think it is Panchas. I keep threatening to go in there [wow.gif] .

Had the best lunch here today.
Squash Blossoms
Potato Gnocchi with Duck - pillowy soft but then crisped on the outside on the flat top.
Pork Belly BLT [worship.gif]
Can’t recommend it more. Need to come back often.

Best to roll 2 wheels into Pancha’s!

And could you call me in advance and I could meet you there? Or you feel about me the way Charlie Fu does right now. flirtysmile Piper goes in and out. We could have a friendly non-offline-offline.

And Casey will be coming through before harvest. He has been planning to investigate what I am doing out here in my vineyard.

It was spur of the moment. We were in Tracy coming back to Forestville and wanted to avoid the NASCAR traffic so we took 12. When we hit the Valley I suggested we stop and give it a try. Absolutely loved it!