Great Knife Source

If you like to cook, and you like chef knives (don’t the 2 go hand in hand?), then this is the place for you: Japanese Chef Knives, Tableware, Kitchenware and Restaurant Supplies | Korin" onclick=";return false;

I was there this afternoon and my chin hit the floor, not just at some of the prices (the higher-end knives are in the thousands of dollars), but at the beauty of even the cheapest blades. I almost grabbed a 4.5" petty knife with inscripted blade for $80, but wasn’t thrilled with the hand-feel. Other similar knives were more expensive and I really don’t need any new ones.

They have a sharpener on staff who can either teach you to take care of yours (he showed me how to use a stone with my Henkels) or who can actually sharpen them if you bring them.

This is Heaven for knife freaks. Gorgeous stuff.

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Nice resource. Thanks!
Happy New Year!

This is another site:" onclick=";return false;

Their Hiromoto AS line and some of the “specials” knives are great bargains.

Those look great but I like to feel how the knife handles in my hand before buying, which is why it’s tough to do so online.


thanks for posting. that website is incredible.

I also like
They have a store in Alameda that I really want to go to, but I have a feeling I would need to rob a bank first. The high end blades are made by former Japanese sword making families. Beautiful stuff.

Linda - thanks for that link. I’ll have to check out the store since they are fairly close to me!!

Tell me how many thousands of dollars I should bring when I go. [shock.gif]

I have a coworker who goes to that store and drops several thousand dollars on a chisel set and other tools. [swoon.gif]

Michel; That is a great store…purchased set of three Misono 440 Molybdenum knives from them about 4 years ago. Very helpful and friendly staff as well.