Grassl Glass / April 6th Update - DELIVERY TOMORROW

We are back…and with more toys…

This year we are focusing on the brand this board helped launch. Grassl Glass.

I am phasing out of the Zalto brand and focusing my efforts on this glass. There are no Zalto offers this year.

First and foremost, you should all “Get a pair.” … blush

And go get the Grand Reserve Rewards (GRR) credit card

Matthew is offering new cardholders a sign-up bonus of 2 free Grassl Glasses. Normally we do the Liberté glass, but we will be flexible and allow you to choose any of the 4 Vigneron glasses. You will communicate that to the credit card vendor, not me.

What may be of more interest with this card however is your ability to use your sign-up bonus points for even more glasses after you spend $3,000.00.

If you so choose, you can get up to 14 of our stems via Matthew and GRR. These will ship independently of any other sales today because we have to confirm the completion of your spend with Matthew. Here is a survey form for this topic. where you can tell us what you plan to do with your points. There is no obligation to use your points this way, we are simply attempting to gauge interest, volume, and product quantity. You will complete that ordering cycle via the GRR web page - not mine.


We are offering you the glasses at wholesale this year. The entire Grassl Glass product line is available for purchase.

Every. Single. Order. Will appear as a pre-order.

We have stock in transit to supplement our stock on-hand. But, due to Covid issues along the supply chain we are going to wait until WB Sale days end and then confirm orders. If you receive an email from us over the weekend it will mean your order has shipped. If you do not get an email, your order will be up to 5 weeks delayed. We are bringing in the product via air freight as well as ocean transport. As your card will be charged, should you be placed on the actual back-order list but need to cancel for any reason, reach out to me directly and I’ll facilitate the cancellation. I understand timing can be important. I preemptively apologize should we disappoint anyone with a delay.

We have three new products to announce:

A travel case in two formats; One that can hold (2) Grassl Glasses and one that can hold (4) Grassl Glasses. These are called the Voyage and the Voyage +.

We will be selling these cases in iterations with and without glasses included. The listings will show you 3 prices: MSRP, WB2021 pricing, and $0.00. Again, due to Covid issues hindering product creation and transport, we may not have these cases in the US until June. We would like you to ‘order’ them if you want them to effectively gauge demand. There will be no deposit taken. There is no obligation to follow-thru on carrying case orders. This $0.00 sale is specifically to understand demand. Upon confirmation of transport to the US and a timeline of arrival we will reach out and ask you to complete the purchase at that time and, should you be choosing a configuration with glasses included, to make your selection of which stems.

Our XL Polishing Cloth. This cloth is the same material we use in our current cloth but it is 4x larger! This is the “Turkish Bath Sheet” version of polishing cloths.

Our Bouchon, or silicon stopper for the Elemental Carafe and the Vigneron Decanter.

We are also offering up our new travel case which you can pre-order at a discounted price -with and without glasses. We expect the arrival of these in early March.

Replacement update. When we launched the brand we had fears of manufacturing consistency and needed to see how compatible durability and weight were. To set aside any fears, we offered a $10.00 replacement option. Now that we are in our 6th cycle in the factory and have blown over 150,000 stems, we’re comfortable with the glass, the weight, and the durability. A replacement option will remain, but we are moving it to the wholesale price of $35.00, with no shipping fees.


Vigneron Series:
Liberté, Mineralité, Cru, and 1855 will be $35.00 today
Vigneron Decanter will be $60.00 today

Elemental Series:
Versatile (wine glass/tasting glass) will be $105.00 / 6 pack ($17.50/glass) - and only in 6-pack formats
Champagne will be $105.00 / 6 pack ($17.50/glass) and only in 6-pack formats
Water glass will be $75.00 / 6 pack ($12.50 / glass) and only in 6-pack formats
Carafe will be $40.00

Thank you for the continued support from this board. I don’t think we’d be anywhere close to where we are as a growing global brand with product adoption inside a number of top-rated winemakers and domaines across the globe.


All WB Day orders have to opportunity to add a little some extra to their purchase for FREE…Please read the follow-up email that is going out to all WB Day orders and PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE :slight_smile:

Thank you for the support today. The growth WB Day has undergone the past decade is amazing. Hat tip to Todd, and Brig and the others behind the scenes pulling this off. But, what’s great is how this community has done three things exceptionally well; help launch brands (like this one), help bring the consumer into contact with producers of wine, food, glasswares, and other wine-related services, and grow the WB community into the largest wine board in the world.

To that end, here is a way for you to grow your glassware collection and bring your friends and family into the fold. Forward this to as many as you wish and give these clear instructions:

-Follow this link, >
-Use this code XXXX (provide friends and family with your 4-digit CJF Selections WB 2021 order number and see image below for coupon entry)

If you do this, they will be getting a great deal on wine glasses and you, as the person forwarding the invitation, will receive from me a Grassl Microfiber Polishing Cloth when they make any order or a Grassl Elemental Carafe should your referral network buy a 6-pack or more of Vigneron glasses.

Should you be so lucky that you have multiple people who follow your instructions and you do not want multiple carafes, I’ll reach out to you and give you some substitution options. But this is a way to bring more people into the WB fold and help fill your bar with an item of ours you may not have purchased.

Contact me directly if you have any additional questions.


CJF Selections[/img]

Feb 2, 2021
110 orders have been shipped
Remainder are officially in the holding tank until the cargo gets here. We have a boat on the Atlantic with 5000 stems and are working on a few pallets via air cargo and UPS. If you have NOT received a shipping notice via email…you have a 4 week wait, possibly less (rather surprise you than over-promise). More data on this thread as it becomes available.

Feb 22, 2021
Cargo officially in NY Harbor and being unloaded 10-14 days to me 2-5 to you.

March 8 - Cargo in Chicago. We have begun printing the labels. You will begin to receive shipping updates from our software via email. We hope for delivery as early as tomorrow to our shop and then we start packing!

March 11 - Cargo delivery is confirmed for today in a few hours. See last POST of this entire thread -for more data. But, you’ll have these soon (a week?)

March 16

1 - We oversold 1855’s. Some of you may be getting glasses without tubes. if you need them, email me directly ( and I’ll get you a tube(s) in the near future (15-20 days)
2 - 1000 more 1855’s hit NYC on Sunday, we should have them in 7-10 days. The last batch of orders will ship then.
3 - Cloth XL, Bouchon - are NOT in hand. Those will all be separate packages to you soon (7-15 days)
4 - Voyage and Voyage + - none of you paid for them. They are still stuck in China. Then they head to Slovakia. Then to me. Look for an update on them in May
5 - Due to the delay, we are extending WB sale day pricing. BUT - we are not doing so until all orders are filled. Look for a link to a private listing site on my page in 2 weeks
6 - Glasses break. We will replace them. All I need is a photo (insurance) and what broke and your order number. From there, look for replacements to arrive based on inventory (Liberté, Mineralité, and all Elemental lines are in good stock)

March 29th

Logistics is hell. My carrier has informed me that the past week’s delay is because 10 pallets were signed for, 10 pallets were shipped, 7 pallets were delivered, and they have 4 ‘stray’ pallets? Yeah, no clue. So, I’m waiting on Vanguard to tell me what is and is not in the NYC facility.

April 2

FINALLY - our cargo has been on hold in NYC in a warehouse for 12 days. Why? Well, because, I don’t know. Other than to say that we are bringing in 10 pallets of goods and someone at Vanguard took it upon themselves to dismantle one of our pallets, convert it into 3 more pallets and because that unit count didn’t matchup with our manifest, it couldn’t be shipped. My group was of zero help and I had to get involved on my own to find someone who had an IQ over that of a house plant.

Today, my cargo finally left NYC and is Chicago bound. We will have it in hand next week. Those of you who have been patient will begin to see shipping notices hit your email boxes today thru the weekend as we stage the labels and prepare to pack.

10 days from now you should all have your orders in hand.

What an amazing journey this has been and my learning curve on logistics is officially more than I expected to deal with. But, the worst is behind us and 5000 of our crystal friends will soon be with their rightful owners.

Further, the carrying cases passed customs in Slovakia and will be at the factory on Tuesday. I’ll have a further update on those and what the ETA is later next week.

Emails to use or

Thank you again for your patience. But, 550 packages have been sent since Friday. Lots and lots of you will be getting stuff soon.


So excited! This is definitely the BD purchase my wife was most anticipating.

How do we order to get this deal? It’s under early purchase offer, but I don’t see any link or instructions for GCC ordering. Sorry if I missed it or am being an idiot…

I’m in - how do we order?

Purchase link seems to be missing

Does the replacement option include the Grassl Gold?


Great deals. Love these glasses.

Updated - sorry folks

Brain - Grassl Gold isn’t a thing.

I think you’re talking about the replacement ($35.00) being for our Vigneron series ($55/$60 retail)
I’ll extend the $17.50 to the Elemental stem line as well - I didn’t think about that…good point.

Do any glasses besides Liberte fit in the travel case? I use the 1855 most often and would like to know specifically if that one would fit.

ALL of our glasses fit - there is a foam cylinder in the case to handle large/small stems…Working on a photo for you Keith.
Center cylinder can / would hold a corkscrew BTW.

Voyage interior.JPG

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order in thank you

Order in. My first ever Berserker Day purchase!


Thank you Sarah…

Thanks Chris - that is super helpful. I’ll be putting in my order shortly. Great work!

Great BD deal, Chris! Placed an order for some Liberte, 1855, a Cru, and the cloth.

Love the quality of these Grassl glasses and excited to expand my Grassl collection!

Is the Versatile the same as the Standart, or a different shape? If not, is the Liberte the same shape as the Standart? (i know it’s a hand-blown, just wondering about shape/size)?

Nice way to start the morning, thanks Chris!

Chris, great deal! Definitely jumping in. Quick question, is the decanter $50 or $60? Was about to make my purchase and noticed it was $60 on the site (listed as $50 in the first post here).

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Love Grassl - I plan to order 4 more Liberte with Grande Reserve points once they show up (found the link)

I’m seeing $60 on the site - would you mind letting us know which is correct?