Grapes of Iberia in the OC: August 29 @ OPH 4-11?

[winner.gif] Bowing to the berserker pressure, we are hosting a second event in August. Since I am off to Spain in early Sept. I thought a “Grapes of Iberia” theme was appropriate. Note, this does not necessarily mean wines of Iberia. As usual, we will start while the sun is still shining, but go well after it sets. Also as usual, lets have some good eats as well, maybe sticking to a Tapas (or Mediterranean) theme, but whatever, as long as there are no gophers.

I am not sure we need a limit, as I am not good at enforcing it anyway. But if you post your intentions, wines, (and food?) I will maintain a list here to keep everyone up to date.

[berserker.gif] [berserker.gif] Rule!!

Burmester 1994 Vintge Port [Eldon]
Sierra Cantabria 1998 Reserva [Eldon]
Bodega Numanthia 2002 Termes (Tempranillo) [Eldon]
Kilikanoon 2005 The Duke (Grenache) [Eldon]
Bodegas Lan 2001 Edición Limitada [Eldon]
Alvear 1927 Solera (Pedro Ximenez) [Eldon]
Pago de los Capellanes 2003 El Nogal (Tempranillo) [Eldon]
Flor de Pingus 2006 [Veronica]
Pesquera Reserva 1994 Especial [Jason]
LAN 1996 Gran Reserva [Eldon]
Cristalino Brut sparkler [Tom]
Legado del Conde 2007 Albarino [Tom]
2002 El Nido Clio [Mark]
2003 Celler De Capcanes Mas Donis Barrica [Mark]
2004 Vina Alarba Old Vines Grenache [Mark]
2006 Bodegas Ateca / Atteca Old Vines [Mark]
1986 Emilio Lustau Vendemia Cream Sherry [Mark]


  1. Eldon and Clara Gath
  2. Anders Hogrelius w/ Karen
  3. Cris Whetstone
  4. Sarah Warner +1
  5. Veronica Castro
  6. Jane Benjamin
  7. Tom Cook
  8. Sinan Akciz w/ Jessica (newbies)
  9. Tom & Kim Rockwell
  10. Jason Hagan
  11. Jim Burk +2
  12. John Downing (probable)
  13. Mark and Francine Hubbard +2
  14. Mystery person
  15. Rob Winn and Francine
  16. The Todd (possible)

I was all set to be all over this like white on rice, then I remembered I will be sweating it up in Jax that weekend.

Have fun without moi. [cry.gif]

Crap - [truce.gif] there is just no pleasing everyone! It is also the only weekend I have to do it. Sorry Kriss. JAX?

Jacksonville, where Daisy lives. Late August in Hurricane Central. Should be fun! [help.gif]

Thanks a true Berserker. Hook me up. [drinkers.gif] [berserker.gif]

Love the theme. In! I’ll tell you later what I’ll be bringing.

Sounds great Eldon! Mark me down as well.
Let me put on my thinking cap and see what I’ll bring.


I am in. +1 please as Barry is in New York for awhile, but plans to attend.

Maybe plus 2?, as I expect Sue (one of them) will be coming. No worries either way, as it looks like a low-response theme. [cry.gif]

Not only Hurricane Central, but the time frame of which he’s going to be here tends to be the peak of it too. Maybe he’ll get stranded here. [wink.gif]

When Kriss told me about this OL, I was disappointed it wasn’t my turn to come that way…I love love love Iberian wines.

Daisy - sure would like to introduce you to One Particular House someday.

Never fear, Eldon. This is going to be awesome. I love the theme. [welldone.gif] I spent a great deal of time in Spain so I look forward to cooking up some of my favorite dishes to go with the wines. Not sure what wine yet, but deliberating between: Itzas Mendi Txacolina, A lovely Priorat, Mencia from Bierzo or A crisp manzanilla, which I think would be delightful with some simple Spanish olives or gambas al ajillo. [berserker.gif] I look forward to hearing about your trip plans. Spain is a wonderful country.

My work has been like an out of control roller coaster lately, with my schedule changing almost daily. So I won’t be able to fully commit until it gets closer. But I will try my best to make it.

Burmester 1994 Vintge Port [Eldon]

A good mid-term Vintage Port [thumbs-up.gif] . BTW, I’d recommend about a 6 hour decant for it to show its best. Hope to see you all soon.

What time will this kick off? I should be able to make it. 1994 Pesquera Reserva Especial is staring at me here … it is a 94 so it has the leaky cork and all.


Jason - hope you can make it and bring your leaky wine. If you bring it, I have a couple 96 LAN Gran Reserva’s that could/should also go away, and a 95 Faustino.

I thought we’d start at 4-ish and get some sun and viño blanco before starting up the BBQ and serious eating. As a thought also (and a little outside the tapas idea) Clara just got a small pizza oven that we had fun with a couple weekends ago. We could get (make) some pizza dough, have a slew of topping options, and make some 6-12 inch pizzas as part of this thing. Any opinions on that idea? [dance2.gif]

Hi Eldon! Hope your party went well. Hugs and belated Birthday wishes to Clara. [cheers.gif]

I can bring Flor de Pingus. Think its '06, just a baby. Will bring something else, too.

No go for me, as I can’t get it off work :frowning: catch you all at the next one.

Sorry Andy, you should be here. I am going to the land of the Pedro Ximenez in a couple of weeks. We will also be off to Portugal for two days to look at a potential dam site, but unlikely to get much time to seek out old ports. 6 hours decant on the 94 Burmester, eh? Ok - that means 6 tastes for me as I “monitor” its progress.

Just back from Panama. Updates (ins and outs posted).
Anyone else want to come, no problem!! grouphug

We will break out the pizza oven and try that with a variety of toppings.

Anyone need directions, just PM me.