GrapeRadio - Show Topic - Board Wars

We are planning to record a show about the recent developments on the boards. No plans to get personal with anything discussed. Open to ideas on topics to discuss. In particular, I am interested in the topic of board personalities/personas.

For example:
The Bully
The Troller
The Know-it-all
The Skeptic
Argumentative Guy (thanks Lyle)
The Shill (Thanks Brian)
The Basher (Thanks Phillip)
Drama Queen (thanks Todd)

The “I’ll argue anything, anytime, anywhere in any thread.”

Oh boy. [popcorn.gif]

The Thread Killer.

The ‘Picture Derailer’.

The Shill

Explain Please.

Explain Please. Same as Bully?

I can see them as two different people. The Bully just pushes people around (an extreme form of the the Know-It-All), whereas the Basher has a specific focus, such as putting down all things related to a specific style of wine, a winery, a region, etc. Often the Basher uses false statements to make his point (ie all big Cali Pinot has Syrah added) and can often have a hidden agenda.

In as polite a way as possible (even in the abstract without naming names), addressing the lack of honor or gentlemanly behavior in locking off access to YEARS of content from the very creators of that content would be a VERY good thing. Cutting off the ability to post is small potatoes, THAT is the 900 lb gorilla in the ether.

I can’t fully describe the BULLY without referring to actual people

And doing so would make me a BASHER because they are most active on That Other Board.

as it differs from the Self Promoter?

I fully intend to discuss this aspect.

There is a form of “viral marketing” in which a company will pay some person to log onto every wine board on the planet and post something like

“Hi, I’m Stewie Sturdevant and I have been hearing from my buddies about a great winery in California called The Spiny Anteater. I just wondered if anyone here has tried Spiny Anteater’s wines, because it sounds like they are the next big thing, especially their new Cabernet Franc Sparkling Rosé!”

Fortunately with Google you can often spot guys like this a mile off (posting about the same winery under different names) and they usually get gang tackled and the thread gets deleted.

LOL Jay - good idea! It should be ‘troll’ not ‘troller’ and add maybe Drama Queen? Bomber?

I thought troll was a verb. What would you call a person that trolls?

Who lives under the bridge when the Billy Goats come?

And what is this

How about the Posner? Ironically, I’m at a loss how to describe it…but he’s got a board personality all his own. The posts are just a bit more interesting, for better or worse, when he’s involved.