GrapeRadio Interview - Randall Grahm/Bonny Doon Vineyard - Mar 11th

Feel free to suggest questions or areas of discussion

About a yr ago, he was planning to purchase land down in SanJuanBautista for his own vnyd.
Would like an update on that project.

He’s a guy that seems pretty unfocused and all over the map in terms of projects over the yrs.
You might ask him what he wants to do when he grows up!! And you can quote me on that question!!

Whenever I attend a presentation of his at various wine events, I always time Randall to his first usage
of the word “counterintuitive”. Record is 23.8 sec, set in SantaFe. Time him and see if he breaks that record!!

See you all at HdR I presume.

Is there Pinot Noir on the horizon?

Always curious about the crazy labels.

Randall’s been pretty involved with social media (twitter, an appearance on GV, some other podcasts). I’d be curious if the exposure (and not the comic picture of his butt on the Wine Spectator ad last year) had any measurable affect on his sales.