Grape Radio Interview with Antonio Galloni

A terrific interview all about Italy and Italian wines. I think it really shows Antonio’s love and knowledge of the subject. [welldone.gif]

This is one I’m looking forward to hearing. Allen Meadows was one of my other favorite interviews, awhile back.

Wow, I just listened to this, and it’s one of the most informative interviews I’ve heard anywhere. What an incredibly knowledgeable guy. Makes you really appreciate a critic that takes the time to experience the different regions and absorb all that knowledge. At one point early on, one of the interviewers describes a bottle that he received, and Antonio is able to identify it from a ridiculously vague description. He clearly knows Italian wines inside and out.

Not being a big buyer of Italian wines or Champagne, I haven’t spent a lot of time reading his reports, but I have a huge new-found respect for Antonio. What a contrast to a lot of semi-informed bloggers and even some incredibly under-performing professional critics out there.

Graperadio has some excellent interviews. Haven’t heard this one but I’m excited to give it a listen. I’m usually amazed by interviews I didn’t think I’d enjoy…that I enjoyed. Then there are one like this that never disappoint.

I take it that Antonio demonstrates that he knows things like garganega is the grape of Soave or vernaccia is the grape of San Giminagno? pileon (FWIW, I mean that as NO slight to Antonio. That dude is excellent.)

I would love to make it a series with Antonio. Perhaps we could get into greater detail.

Jay, I completely agree. He’s terrific in clarity of what he says and even the timbre of his voice. It all works. I found myself shaking my head in disagreement with Brian when he was saying “gosh, this is so complicated” about halfway through the interview. What wine region doesn’t have a lot to keep track of? Antonio’s one of those rare people who seem to make it all so clear and understandable. More please.

Would be great to do an entire episode on Piedmont, and another on Tuscany. Each deserves more detail.

It’s in Itunes, but I can’t figure out how to import it. Is there a button somewhere to press (I’m hopeless, aren’t I).

There will be a button at the top, next to the Grape Radio icon, marked “Subscribe”. That will subscribe you to the feed, although it will only download the most recent episode for you. Then you have to manually download the older episodes you want . If you only want to download that one episode, at the bottom of the page on the episode list, by the side of the episode (all the way on the right side) is a button marked “Get Episode”.

Either one of those will work. Or you can just go to the Grape Radio website and get it there.