Grand Cru Crü membership

Grand Cru Crü membership… what is it and why should I care?

There are some benefit extended to Grand Cru Cru members that non-GCC members don’t have, like no-ads, early preview to Berserker Day deals, or GCC exclusive deals like the latest WineBid one Todd posted earlier.

At its core it though it is one of the ways that helps this site stay up and running. So if you care about this community and want to keep on fostering it, contributing financially to it so it can continue running is highly encouraged. It’s a way for us to give back

The end of the first post in this thread outlines the benefits:

Plus keeping this site going.

I paid. For me it was the ads, so annoying, paying a small fee per year to have no ads on a site I find extremely helpful is more than worth it. I am new here and haven’t been through a berserker day but the rest of features are just a bonus.

I also pay the small amount to cellar tracker too, $10-30/yr for a site/service that is very helpful in an expensive hobby is well worth it to me. I don’t mind supporting well run operations that are mostly free.

I, too, pay the suggested amount ($40) to CellarTracker

You want early Berserker Day access. Trust me on this.


As a general rule, if you use something and don’t pay for it, you are what they are selling. I wish Facebook had a small fee to have no ads and keep your information private. On top of that, Todd seems like he should be able to get some compensation for the considerable time and headaches this brings.

Having spoken to the person that runs West Coast Wine he was not at all disappointed to be rid of the headaches of having to deal with people acting like idiots when all his traffic moved here. I can only imagine the issues here considering the huge membership.

From a purely actuarial standpoint, this alone is ample justification.
However, I agree with what others have said about just being a good guy and supporting this forum, from which we all benefit in numerous ways.

I perused WineBerserkers for a few months, when I first discovered this great site last year. Initially, I did not join Grand Cru, but I was realizing that I made some really great wine producer discoveries and learned a lot from this very knowledgable community of those that are very passionate about wine from a multitude of angles. I joined Grand Cru to support what I think is an invaluable community and those that run it everyday, not really thinking of the benefits. Once I did join, I realized being a Grand Cru member is quite the QPR, as the perks are well worth the cost!! Do it…you will not regret it!