Goodfellow/Matello Berserker Day VIII

We like satisfied drinkers, if you not glad pm me when you’re done with Corey!

Yes…think air like you would give a current release Barbaresco.

in for a Pobega! I did Pobega a 13 Durant’s two nights ago and boy is it yummy!

Ended up with a Novick and a Trimpi. Looking forward to them, thank you.

Thank you Daniel, and please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Oregon, terroir, vintage, aging potential, or where to get good coffee if you visit.

Nice! I am hoping to get out to visit Colorado next year, and would love to catch up.

Order in for a Tallman.

Marcus, we were really impressed by all of the whites you poured for us last July, even though we purchased more of your pinot at the time.

Good times!!! Great wines all day long right here.

Come on guys…if you can’t decide between two options…just buy BOTH. That’s the easiest solution.

The 2013 vintage wines at least for pinot and Chard was great. A little lower alcohol, higher acids and if you’re a little patient, they will be extremely expressive wines. Marcus’ '14s are a little more forward fruit (red fruited) but still equally delicious. They’re both balanced though, don’t let the “bigger” '14 vintage concern folks.

If you know you’ll want to drink one sooner rather than later, I’d go with '13s. '14s SVD need more time to really develop.

In for the Tallman. Looking forward to trying the whites.
Thanks for the offer Marcus

Mike is truly honored. Thanks!

My pleasure Mike. I’ve really loved reading your posts for a long time now.

[cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

Would love to see you in the Rocky Mountain State and help introduce your wines to our good friends here! [cheers.gif]

I was going to boycott since there was no “Felthoven” but I cannot resist. :slight_smile:

In for a Tallman and a Trimpi.

That just means you’re not one of his favorite posters, Ron [stirthepothal.gif] .

I didn’t see a Griswold either, so don’t feel bad [cheers.gif]

Dude, there is no love.


It was a tough process Ron, I was thinking about doing a 2007, 2011, and 2013 offering called the Felthoven but I think another year before that one is ready.

Tough call on which pack, but ordered the whites. Email sent! Thank you.

You guys are awesome. A huge thank you to everyone for their support, I really hope you all enjoy the wines.