Goodfellow/Matello Berserker Day VIII

Hello and welcome to Berzerker Day VIII!

We’re offering three options for Goodfellow Family Cellars and Matello Wines this year. Each is designated by the name of one of my favorite WB posters:

  1. The Tallman-a 6 pack selection of Willamette Valley white wines.
    2015 Matello Whistling Ridge Blanc
    2012 Matello Riesling
    2015 Goodfellow “Clover” Pinot Gris
    2014 Goodfellow WV Chardonnay
    2 bottles 2014 Goodfellow Richard’s Cuvée Chardonnay Whistling Ridge Vineyard

For BD VIII this is $136

2) The Novick-this is also a 6pack, and showcases three of my favorite red wines.
2 bottles 2014 Goodfellow Whistling Ridge Pinot Noir
2 bottles 2013 Goodfellow Durant Pinot Noir
2 bottles 2012 Matello Fool’s Journey Syrah/Viognier

…or just say, “make mine a Trimpi” and I will send you the same three wines but all from the 2013 vintage.

For BD VIII this is $170

  1. The Pobega. A four pack of our wines that you can pull the cork on as soon as they hit your door. In honor of Mike, and because our younger wines always need time, I dug through our tiny library to find a pair of wines that you don’t have to wait on(although feel free to let them sit for a bit). This is a mixed selection and extremely limited.
    2009 Matello Lazarus Pinot Noir
    2008 Matello Winter’s Hill Pinot Noir
    2014 Goodfellow Pinot Noir Durant Vineyard*
    2014 Goodfellow Richard’s Cuvée Chardonnay, Whistling Ridge Vineyard*

*While not a cellared wine, you can Pobega this and still enjoy the heck out of it.
$200 plus free shipping

The older wines are in short supply, and I can only take requests for 12 of these.

For ordering: please email

Include: Your Name, phone number, shipping address and this cc info: #, expiration, ccv and billing zip code.

(feel free to call 503 380 5766 if you don’t prefer email for exchanging information or questions)

Thanks so much for all the love on the boards and for making it possible for me to continue this fabulous work.

Anyone who doesn’t request a Novick is an idiot. Novick > Trimpi any day of the week.

This is so funny…I’m in…for a Novick, natch.

OMG I didn’t see this earlier - this is briliant

However, Corey, you can’t be ‘in’ for a Novick yet, as this offer is not available for purchase until TOMORROW…

Todd – Was dialing and posting simultaneously. Got a little ahead of myself…sigh.

Ah well, will wait til tomorrow.

I’m proud to be an idiot as I’ve been angling for more of the '13s and will place my order tomorrow. [cheers.gif]

You win with either Novick or Trimpi! The Tallman and Pobega packs are also mighty intiguing.

Novick or Trimpi? I can’t decide… i’m in for 1 for sure… who do people think?
people who are not Novick or Trimpi themselves that is… :wink:

2013 vs 2014 vintage comparison?

I really like where the 2013s are going and think the Trimpi will be a great package…but some patience is required. The Novick has the 2012 Fool’s Journey, of which I have maybe 3 cases left, you can open one now and it’s in a really good spot.

in for Novick and pobega

In for a Tallman. No experience with OR whites so looking forward to exploring. I have a feeling I’ll be back next year for some PNs!


I’m in for a N____ (I’m sorry, I just can’t say it).

In for the Trimpi!

I think you’ll really dig those wines.

You think you’re having a hard time. Imagine being me everyday.

In for a Trimpi and a Pobega. Which I won’t.


Better to go for a Novick or Trimpi? I have no experience with the vintages, new to OR!

In for some Tallman, for now anyway.

With a Novick™ you get some vintage variety. Variety is good.

Go Novick™. You’ll be glad you did.

This ad paid for by Corey Novick™.

IMO you should consider the Novick, you get three different vintages and a crash course in all of them(from an AFWE-esque winery).

All three wines in the Novick are very good examples of Oregon’s connection to Europe, but with a little new world influence. The 12 Fool’s Journey has an extra year of bottle age, the 2013 Durant Vineyard is old vine Dundee Hills and is showing beautifully with a small amount of air, and the 14 Whistling Ridge is my stingiest most cellar time needing wine but from the warm 2014 vintage. While I LOVE the 2013 Whistling Ridge it needs either be open for a few hours, cellared for a few years, or drunk with dinner, preferably featuring a richer food like short ribs or duck.

There is a pretty good Oregon vintage thread here as well. It will help you get the hang of the wines from the Willamette Valley. Although I personally like the differences between them and wines from both ends of the spectrum.

Or “what Corey said”

OK, I Novicked–good thing I didn’t see that post until I was done, tho–might have scared me off!

And if I’m not glad, you’re in for it, Corey! neener [snort.gif] flirtysmile

This will be my epitaph.
That said, you will be glad. Marcus’s wines are top notch.Note to all people buying the Novick™ – Marcus’ wines love air. However much you think they need, give them more.

To those of you who are not buying the Novick™, I don’t care what you do.