Goodfellow Family Cellars BD 11 Offers

Hello! Welcome to the Goodfellow Family Cellars Berserker Day 11 thread!

Thank you for participating in Berserker Day 11, I know you have a record number of producers offering this year so I’ll be brief. Please feel free to put any questions you have into this thread, and thank you for your support. More details about the vineyards and the Goodfellow winery are in the BD10 sponsor feature at and we have a link for more in depth notes on this years Berserker Day packages:

We’ll post some Cellartracker notes in the thread as well since Eric Levine is being so generous, and hopefully some of the Berserkers familiar with our wines will add their thoughts. You can visit the website at

For Berserker Day we’re starting off with $25/box shipping Sales tax where applicable.

To order, either post in this thread, email me at, or call Megan at (503) 347-6366.

On to the offers! (So sorry, but the Berserker Cuvee Chardonnay is sold out!)

Offer #1: “The Mitch Tallan” Goodfellow Chardonnays 6-pack

Regular price: $39/bottle Berserker Day Price: $182 6-pack

2017 Whistling Ridge Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge AVA - 3 bottles (we have 10 cases set aside for BD 11, so this will probably be the last opportunity to purchase this wine)
2017 Durant Vineyard, Dundee Hills AVA - 3 bottles

In my opinion the 2017 vintage in the Willamette Valley was wonderful, producing wines with great intensity, balance, and age worthy acidity/structure. These Chardonnays are from two of the Willamette Valley’s premier sites for Chardonnay, and the differences of site are clearly etched in both. They are great examples of why there is so much energy in Oregon Chardonnay right now.

For more details on the wines, please follow this link:

**If you are looking for the Richard’s Cuvee, the release of the 2018 will be May. Please tell me with your order if you would like to get that release email. Due to the demand and release schedule, it’s looking doubtful that I will have that wine to offer on Berserker Day again. (Regular supporters don’t need to worry about this but it’s still good to let me know)

Offer #2: “The Rich Trimpi” Goodfellow Block Bottling Pinot Noirs 6-pack, Inaugural vintage

Regular price: $50/bottle Berserker Day 11: $234 6-pack

2017 House Block, Whistling Ridge Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge AVA - 2 bottles
2017 Long Acre, Whistling Ridge Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge AVA - 2 bottles
2017 Pumphouse Block, Temperance Hill Vineyard, Eola-Amity Hills AVA - 2 bottles

Two bottles each of three wines that represent a deep dive into terroir. Beginning in 2017 we bottled a set of wines to begin tracking the different micro-climats of the vineyards we work with. Each of these wines is produced in lots ranging from 25 cases to 70 cases. Most of these are from a single puncheon or barrel that showcases the essential nature of the vines in that part of the vineyard. In my opinion, these some of the most compelling wines in our cellar.

For more details on the wines, please follow this link:

Offer #3: “The Charlie Carnes” Goodfellow Heritage Pinot Noirs 6-pack

Regular price: $70/bottle Berserker Day 11: $336 6-pack

2017 Heritage No.9 Durant Vineyard, Dundee Hills Pinot Noir - 3 bottles
2017 Heritage No.10 Whistling Ridge Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir - 3 bottles

I have always held to the belief that the Willamette Valley could produce wines to rival our Burgundian inspirations. In the Heritage wines, we look for the personality of the vineyard framed with transparency, grace, energy, power without weight, and length beyond fruit. The iron fist in the velvet glove. Each of these wines should demonstrate their class, quality, and potential whenever you open them, but they are definitively structured for cellaring over the next two decades.

For more details on the wines, please follow this link:

Offer #4: “The John Simpson” 2018 Goodfellow Berserker Pinot Noir & Berserker Chardonnay
I loved doing last year’s Berserker Cuvee, this year we took it a step further. I prefer the experience of a wine from a single vineyard site, and 2018 is a vintage that lends itself to intimate bottlings. I also thought it was time for a Berserker Chardonnay…so we decided on two Berserker wines this year.

**Berserker Cuvee Pinot Noir: a single puncheon of old vine Wadensville from Whistling Ridge, fermented 67% whole cluster. Seamless, sappy, and with great finesse, the hallmark of 2018. This carries the fruit into a boysenberry, black cherry spectrum, layered with loamy earth tones, hints of coffee, florals(violets right now), and exotic spice. Weightless, yet richly silky in the palate, long, focused, and juicy. Tannins are fine but firm with an amaro-like quality to the finish. This should drink well in an early window before closing up for a bit and then reawakening in 6-8 years for a long life.
Regular Price: $50/btl Berserker Day Price: $240/6-pack or $396/case

**Berserker Cuvee Chardonnay: a single barrique from Whistling Ridge. 20 cases available We tasted this on January 17th, and it was the obvious choice. Most of our chardonnay ferments in 500, 600, and 820 liter puncheons, but I still ferment about 10% in neutral barrique. This wine just jumped out of the glass. Very few vineyards can deliver power without weight in the way that Whistling Ridge can, at 12.1% abv this has beautiful texture, great intensity, length, and minerality. As noted, the aromatics just pop with saline and floral tones layered around bright citrus and pear notes.
I am so sorry, but we are sold out of the Chardonnay barrel!!!

Was planning on keeping 5 cases of BC Chardonnay for the winery, but we’re going to cut the library to none and offer 25…that didn’t last long it seems.

**PLEASE NOTE these wines bottle in March 2020 and will be shipped when weather permits as soon as possible after that. These are also the deepest discounts we’re able to offer, and will only offer them on Berserker Day.


In for mixed case of Berserker Cuvee. How could I not?

Marcus, I’ll take one of Offer #3. Will email as well. Thanks!

6 Berserkers Pinot
6 Berserkers Chardonnay

Brilliant idea to make the Chardonnay. It should go quickly with just 20 cases. Both from my favorite site.


Can I have one of Offer 1, and 1 6 pack of the Berserker Cuvee Chardonnay. And let me know when the Richard is available!

Thanks for bringing such great offers here, and producing such great wines!



I’ll take a case of the 2018 Berserker Cuvee Chardonnay. I’m sure that I’ll follow-up with a few more items before the end of the day.



In for 2018 Berserker Cuvee Chardonnay - $192/6-pack

Sent email.



I’m in for a 6 pack of the Berserker Cuvee Chardonnay. Looking forward to trying it!

In for the Trimpi, email sent.

Marcus-you’ve made my 2020. I want a case of the BCC (Chard). I would buy my namesake but I already have so much. But because of my great respect and friendship with RT, I want a six-pack of the RT too. THANK YOU!!!

I thought I would put a couple of Cellartracker notes from Berserkers in here:

2015 Goodfellow Richard’s Cuvee Chardonnay


94 points
January 19, 2020 - A day 2 glass of this. I’ve never taken note of this before, but right now I’m getting a nice crisp melon note on the nose - it’s pronounced enough that it caused me to do a double take initially, but I’m enjoying it even if it was unexpected.

In terms of weight and tension on the palate, very reminiscent of Chablis. I opened this for my daughter last night at dinner, and I wish I would have had a glass then just to better inform my day 2 note, but I am really liking this wine today.

Thank you!

Will do on all of these, and definitely the 2018 Richard’s!

Marcus - awesome offer, awesome wines. +1 to Mitch - you’ve made my 2020! Please sign me up for:
Offer #2 (a Trimpi) and
Case of Berserker Chard

Email sent.
Thanks so much!

Hi James,

Got it!Have a great BD, and we’ll see you and Tara later this year.

Got it, and thank you!

Got it!

I have a hard time choosing between the quality of 2017 and 2018(they’re different but both just smashing vintages) and this should be a wine worthy of the name.

It looks like I already have most of the wines offered, but I can’t resist a 6 pack of Berserker Chardonnay, please.

Awesome! That is just perfect… [drinkers.gif]


Will do, and thank you!

Email hell? A quick and very pleasant phone call with Megan this morning and I’m in for the heritage 6 pack. Thanks Marcus!