Goodfellow and Burgs NYC - **With Marcus Goodfellow ** (Fri 6/10/22)

Marcus will be joining us! Marcus saw the thread and will be flying in to join the tasting, sharing his insights and time (despite the busy summer season in Willamette!):

Friday June 10th @ Noreetuh 6:00PM
Semi-Private Dining Area
All-In Cost $250 ($100 wine + $150 for food/venue)

Table 1
Seat 1 Sh@n A - PAID 4/26
Seat 2 Sh@n A +1 - PAID 4/26
Seat 3 Andrew K - PAID 4/27 VENMO
Seat 4 Rodrigo - PAID 4/26 PAYPAL
Seat 5 Julie C - PAID 4/29 VENMO
Seat 6 Ethan Abraham PAID 4/30 VENMO
Seat 7 Alan Comroe - PAID 4/27 VENMO
Seat 8 Alan Comroe +1 PAID 4/27 VENMO
Seat 9 Marcus - PAID 4/26

Table 2
Seat 10 Evan K 4/27 PAID PAYPAL
Seat 11 Robert Ferguson 4/29 PAID VENMO
Seat 12 Guillermo M - PAID 4/26 VENMO
Seat 13 Eric Z - PAID 4/27 PAYPAL
Seat 14 Rodrigo +1 (Tim Heaton - PAID 5/6 VENMO)
Seat 15 Michael Ch@ng - PAID 4/26 VENMO
Seat 16 Joseph Grassa - PAID 4/27 PAYPAL
Seat 17 James Lyon - PAID 5/6 VENMO
Seat 18 J0hnEhrl1ng - PAID 4/28 VENMO (with non-drinking +1)

Seat 1 Michael Chang +1
Seat 2 Josheph Grassa +1 (TO CONFIRM)
Seat 3 Alex Valdez
Seat 4 T Gigante
Seat 5 Jorge Enriquez (TO CONFIRM)
Seat 6

Joseph Grassa +1

This event is primarily an excuse to try out a wide ranging number of Goodfellows. But this is also to live discuss the question that originated from the separate Goodfellow thread started here: Goodfellow Relative Quality - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers.

We are planning on 10 different wines (5 flights) for 8-9 people.Wines are being selected with the help of those attending, as well as Marcus. I will be the only one (or one of the few?) who knows all the wines in advance. The general format will be blinded heads up of Oregon vs. Burgundy, with two wines of the same vintage year.

Wines will be presented blind with a sheet to keep track of guesses for
(i) Oregon vs. Burgundy
(ii) Guess to ‘level’ (e.g., Bourgogne, Village, or 1er Cru)
(iii) Guess to vintage / producer / price

For logistics and other reasons, I will be taking cash payment for the wines in advance (e.g., early May) to hold a seat. As a placeholder, I am assuming this will be $250 all-in for the wine and food. Everything will be at cost (and I am happy to share receipts etc.). Marcus will provide backups and others if needed.

Will likely be a price fixe menu with choice of appetizer, entree, bottle of sparkling water etc.

We are contemplating a buy-out of the area. This should allow for post-event berserker activity (BYO / buy off the list) to continue on a fun Friday night.


Would love to attend Shan if there’s a seat available

Shan, thanks for organizing this fun event. It looks like all the spots may be taken. if so, can you add me to the waitlist?


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Updated. I am still waiting to hear responses from a bunch of the pending, so I would expect the wait list to move.

We’ll be away that weekend. Sorry to miss it, but cheers to the wait-listers! Very much looking forward to reading the notes afterwards! [cheers.gif]

Marc, thanks for letting me know. Updated the waitlist. Also have been in touch with Marcus and Andrew K on initial wine thoughts.

Sadly I cannot make this date. My daughter is graduating from UCLA that weekend, hard to be on both coasts at once. But I have to check to see what wine she’s serving :thinking:.

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I will be in NYC that weekend for the first time since the pandemic, but I will be tied up with other folks. I could have supplied a plethora of Goodfellow wines. Maybe a mystery bottle will appear out of nowhere…

Shan, would love to attend with a plus one if there is space. I just started buying Goodfellow last year but between Berserker day and last falls release I have a few cases and would be happy to offer any of it for the event

Updated list and information. And in case anyone missed it. Marcus is joining us!

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Well, now I (+1) am very interested

I may try to make it too.

If there’s space for me, I would LOVE to go and make a fool of myself getting everything wrong. This is probably the area where my wine knowledge is most lacking. Please let me know so I can book a hotel etc. Thank you for putting this together Shan.

Michael/Guillermo, if you are both in - I say let’s go ahead and expand to the private room. Give me 2 weeks to get my act together and finalize wines (will need 2x of everything so will work with Marcus on this) and calculate costs and start collecting $ to lock this in.

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I am definitely in now!

This is the first time I’ve checked the offline thread in about 2 years. I see a bunch of interesting people already interested, and I say, why not fly up from FL and live a little. LMK if you go with the private room, Shan, and I’ll make formal arrangements.

As this grows so does my interest. Please place me on the wait list.


Anyone looking at hotels? Even though I am 20 miles from the city, I have a free night at a Hilton expiring in July so this is a good chance to use it up (and not drive home if tipsy). I’d gladly share cab/uber fares if someone is at the same hotel or at a nearby hotel to me. Have we locked in the dinner venue yet? I think the name was somewhere in the original thread but I didn’t see it in the original post here so just double checking.