Good Wine Reviewers on Youtube?

You have to understand that here in Korea, the tax of wines are incredibly high, so for the average consumer that just means bad wine… I think it’s an audience thing.

That he often keeps on pouring bad wines when shooting abroad is a totally different thing :joy:

That the video is fake.

When they were together, it was a great channel. Peter and Patrick were really good.

Do elaborate, I dont get it.

Just watched the video of "Our Pour Decisions’ where they poured a 2002 La Tâche they bought from Acker down the drain because it was faulty (maybe fake?). Painful.

I really enjoy AttorneySomm’s videos. Always informative and nicely presented.


His content is good but his editing and endless jump cuts makes me want to peel the eyes out of my head.

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He gets extremely few views but David Allen, a Master of Wine in NZ I believe, is uploading almost daily really well informed and high quality wine reviews:

Note that the production value is not always the best and many of the wines may not be of high interest here but the actual content of the reviews is really excellent, in my opinion.

They just had another flawed bottle which they poured away. This time it was a high end Chardonnay

I completely stopped watching WineKing. Garbage wines and boring content.

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Completely agree. His channel changed course.

I have worked quite hard to improve the editing. For the past year the majority of my jump cuts have been covered by B-roll. Sounds like you are talking about my videos from 3 plus years ago.

Thanks very much! Glad you enjoy the channel!

Thanks, James! Very glad you enjoy the videos!