Good websites for older bottles of or for purchase

So as I buy more wine and start to look at some of them and the time it will take to let these wines settle into the right age I am looking more into buying older vintages for wines that are more ready now…What are some trust worthy auction places that don’t have extraordinary fees and ship when it is appropriate? I know you can get a fake here and there but just want a decent site that is user friendly one with not stupid auction prices that go through the roof for an off vintage of wine (sometimes I feel like I am being sniped) at the last second. And what are some recommendations for good websites that have a good selection of old vintages? I am not looking for first growths or mega expensive wines, I am trying to find a nice price point of $70-150 i.e. a 1983 Bordeaux, 2nd or 3rd growth or something to that effect an off vintages to try out and see what else is out there while I wait for the youngins to age a bit…some suggestions to narrow down and sift through the crappy ones is appreciated…

As I always do, I’ll recommend CellaRaiders (Ben and Ben) and Belmont Wine Exchange (Susan and Stephen). So far so good with WineBid and Hart Davis Hart too.

There are lots of good options out there besides those above, like The Chicago Wine Company, Crush, Saratoga, Santa Rosa Fine Wine, K&L… the list is very long.

The Rare Wine Company, in California, also has some older wines.

Though they are not known for Bordeaux, Chambers Street in NYC always has some good Bordeaux from older vintages. And they offer an unconditional guarantee on older wines.

And if you looking for aged Central Coast Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. By all means give me a call I will be happy to send you fact sheets,press and pricing on wines from our library.


I second Benchmark

Forgot about Benchmark. Madeline is an evil temptress who sends you emails when things she thinks are in your wheelhouse come in. Scored 4 2005 Shafer One Point Five bottles for the bargain price of $55 each a while back.

Also, James at the Old & Rare Wine Company has some interesting older vintages to choose from.

When we run out of aged wine, or trying to find some for a customer, we call Benchmark. Mike Sai, a member here that we don’t see much, is now the director of marketing.

Thanks everyone. I knew I would get a lot of good recommendations. I will check them and hopefully find some good stuff.

Should check out Kogod Wine.

Impeccably curated selection and very attentive service. Oriented more towards the collector than the bargain hunter but lots in your price range. One-man show and fully legit.

I have done plenty of business with Brentwood, which is now owned by Benchmark. I happily continue to do business with them both at auction and retail.

In addition to the above, in CA is another good source as well as City Wine Merchant in Buffalo, NY.

[welldone.gif] Kogod is great.

The web site is very annoying, and slow. Fun if you want to salivate over the choices, a pain if you want to scroll through them quickly.

That being said, there are some good things there. Will somebody please buy the Mongeard Mugneret Richebourg 1993, one of the best wine they ever made at that estate.

Scored 6 bottles of 2001 JJ Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Auslese from them a while back. Drank one which was in perfect shape. Saving the others for better than average occasions. [cheers.gif]