Good deal in San Diego--Arcadian Syrah

SDWC has the 05 Arcadian Syrah Sleepy Hollow for $11.95.

that is a CRAZY good price… I’ve been happy to be paying $16 from KL for this wine.


Sleepy Hollow is a killer vineyard - almost worth a trip down!

That’s an absurd price.
Just emailed to see if they’d ship me some…and they will.
Thanks for the tip!

Impressive…a a great price.

That’s an absolute joke…(in a good way.) Unreal, I stocked up on KL and I just contacted SDWC to get more…wow.

Ho hum … if it was available here in the land of the locked that $11.95 would translate into $45.95 + bottle deposit. [suicide.gif]

Damn! i just got my shipment in from KL.

For an east coaster like myself… what is SDWC?

Les, it’s San Diego Wine Company. They always have great prices.

Not affiliated with them or anyone else!

Sadly $22 shipping to me in San Francisco; I’d have to get a full case to make it worthwhile over K&L’s price; I was only looking at adding 6; will probably just buy it at K&L.

K&L’s price is $16; SDWC’s is $12. 6 bottles = $24 savings; $22 shipping w/SDWC. In other words, if you buy 6 bottles from SDWC you’ve saved $2. 6 bottles is the threshold, not a case.

Thanks, Brian; I did the same math, but for $2, it isn’t worth the trouble, since I live 15 minutes from K&L in San Francisco. Of course, the problem with me is when I go there, I tend to pick up more than I intended to originally… and go overbudget… no willpower… headbang

I envy you … my wallet does not.

Otto- Thanks very much for the tip! I loved the '02 SH Syrah and for 11.95 +shipping I am still waaaaay ahead here in DC!

I picked up my 6 bottles at around 11am and at that time they still had 1.5 or 2.5 cases.

Happy to help.

Wow! That is low . . . .not good to see things that low - someone must be selling it quite low in the ‘chain of folks’ to get it that low . . .

I wish this deal would have popped up 2 wks ago :frowning: It would have saved me the hassle of shipping into Louisiana and then having to pay for it to ship to Florida. grrrrrrrrrrrrr headbang


Thanks for the heads up. Just what I was looking for - picked up a case last night.

just curious . . . .

isn’t anyone asking WHY these days are to be had (as happens with other wineries)? just curious . . .


Thanks Otto for the recommendation. Picked up 4 bottles today as long as a bunch of other QPR stuff.