Going from through the wall to ducted, any advice?

My wife and I are tired of listening to our CellarPro through the wall system and are thinking about replacing it with a ducted system. We are hoping to be able to place our unit outdoors. Does anyone have any experience with any type of units that would be suitable for an application like this?

I am curious on this Adam as well! We will be building our wine room in the near future and will be ducted with the unit sitting outside…need to hear real life experiences for sure.

Noise was a big concern for our installation as well. We were not prepared to endure any operating sounds on the inside (close to entertainment room) nor on the outside (close to the deck where we spend a good portion of our summer).

I work in HVAC and installed many split systems. If you can locate the outdoor condensing unit away and out of site its no problem, but for our set up it just wouldn’t work. I therefore optioned for a ductless system which I slightly modified to make it suitable to reach 50F. I couldn’t be happier.

We have now a reliable, efficient and extremely quiet system which keeps a constant temperature in the wine cellar.

Personally, I’ve never had or seen a ductless system that I would say was “extremely quiet”.

Most of those split systems are as quiet as it gets as long as they feature a compressor with inverter technology. They have a drive which controls the motor speed and modulates the cooling. I can hardly hear mine when its running! Haven’t seen anything quieter on the market period.