GNOCCHI with goat cheese


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Guten Appetit,

Great idea to do slideshows instead of just a couple of random pics! Do you make the gnocchi yourself? They’re such gut bombs, but they’re so enjoyable.


I make gnocchi myself, but for this recipe with fresh goat cheese I would recommend to buy gnocchis. I published this recipe for people who have not so much time to cook, as this recipe is made within 15min.

I have to confess I am not quite satisfied with my homemade gnocchis. It is quite difficult to make them, it also depends on good potatoes and the right amount of flour. But I will later publish a homemade gnocchi recipe based on pistacchio. Quite solid these pistacchio gnocchis, but room for improvements next time.

All the best,

flirtysmile Awesome, as always.


I have to make these…I love gnocchi and I love goat cheese! Thanks