Gilles/Domaine Barge Côte-Rôtie's

Awesome. I’m going to pop a '99 Plessy tonight at a wine dinner.

Awesome, looking forward to your note!

I am going through old vintages now purchased from Rare Wine Company. They is no fineness or real delicacy, but wonderful flavored wines with terrific balance.

What vintages are we talking about (just out of curiosity) ?

Mark, do they offer shipping to NY?

Last night’s bottle showed great. Mature, hugely fragrant with all sorts of smoky game and autumnal aromas, olives, camphor. My palate was a bit tired from a LOT of champagne but I thought the wine was superb.


Awesome! The smoky game and olive notes definitely stood out for me as well. Glad yours showed well as well. Really loved this wine.

Sounds great. When are your next Northern Rhone round-up coming? :grin:

I like to wait until I have a nice set of notes to post, so it may be a while. It’s nice to know I have a fan.


As far as I know yes.

It is a true highlight. As a young collector, with a love for NR, they are very helpful.
Just tracked down a Cuchet-Beliando (2012) based on you mentioning it in an older post hehe.

On a side note: have you tasted any 2013’s from Barge?

Given your fondness for Barge, you might also want to check out older Jasmin.

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Older Clusel-Roch should work too.

Cuchet: great stuff.

I have tasted one 2013 from Barge, the Cuvee du Plessy. My note:

5/8/2017 - The first 10 minutes are glorious, all pure red berries and smoky game, but then it’s Operation Shutdown. After several hours of decanting things begin to yield a little, but this needs years. Cuvée du Plessy is Barge’s softer, earlier drinking wine;if you have the Côte Brune, well, take this for what it’s worth.

LOL. I have only the Coeur de Combard in 2013, so duly noted.

Also, Zak, put me down as another fan of your notes - but I suspect you already knew that.

Thanks. Think I will buy a few as they are still available at a decent price.

Count me as a fan as well!

They told me they don’t…now I’m confused haha.

Thanks. (What about newer Jasmin?)

My biggest problem with finding the older Cote-Rotie vintages is that the price so far have been steep on most of them. So i have prioritised filling my cellar for the future. (I did find a 1999 Allemand at a good price though!!)
I think i added around 60+ Cote-Rotie and Cornas wines (and a little Hermitage) this year in the 2012-2018 vintages, and that has not been cheap hehe :slight_smile:

Newer Jasmin is more conventional; a little glossier but still a good wine. The older ones are the gems pre 2010

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