Gil Lempert-Schwarz and Dragon 8 Wine Auctions (MERGED)

Yes, it is a concern, but since the bottle is shown in black and white and much of the main label is obscured, I didn’t try to resolve my doubts. It is hard to be certain, but it looks like that bottle may also have the language “Mis en bouteilles au Domaine” incorrectly aligned like the 1945. I would also have to find some 1955s with documented provenance to compare.

I always fear pointing out mistakes makes counterfeiters job easier the next go around.

Seriously…Dragon 8, sure can pick a better name than that.

I bet the paddle numbers all end in 8, and there are no 4s to be seen anywhere.


Here we go again!

Nice work again Don.

Must say that the catalogue seems to try to hide as many of the labels/capsules as possible on the older bottles, almost as though they are deliberately aware of not wanting them under close scrutiny.

I wonder why…

Yes, it is rather puzzling, isn’t it…

It just sounds like a corner gift shop for tourist.


Could have at least been Lucky Golden Dragon 8 Auctions…

I love research. I love reading research. Thank you for continuing to post your work, Don – it’s amazing to behold.

Does the White Guide stand in any connection with the White Club?
Seems fitting in this context.

And they don’t onley review Danish and Swedish restaurants. Of the top 200, 56 were Norwegian.

I see no reason to buy anything from them.

That is some interesting reading…

I had the same question – if the White Guide is a restaurant guide, what’s the White Club? (I might have missed something.)

FWIW, Gil Lempert-Schwarz used to post either here or on Squires’ board (this was some years ago); he came across as a d**k at the time, IMO.

Believe The White Club was/is a wine club that would organize dinners with some very high end/rare wines. Now imagine selling a dinner serving these wines and the bottles being refilled with plonk. Could not find the link in here for the stories.

Found a link

Looking at Dragon’s Facebook page, it seems to be receiving lots of press…

And now it’s been removed.

Shows up when I am on FB