Giacosa Rabaja 1996

To toast a very great man and winemaker, I opened the Rabaja. Decanted at 3:00 pm poured at 6:30 pm

I have had this several times and each time marveled at its potential but never really derived much pleasure from it. Massive and brooding, with a large knot in the center of the palate.

Today I know more about this wine. It would be a stretch to call it open, but certainly much more so than before. What was remarkable was the mineral, oyster shell character it showed along with the bright red fruit. I have tasted many Giacosas over the years, and I have never experienced this flavor profile before. Also on the periphery were some more typical Giacosa characteristics, the strong floral element, a few tertiary bits and pieces, just detectable, and finally rose hip tea. Strong finish, still quite linear, but give it a few years and it will layer quite nicely. Utterly brilliant. This was the first single Rabaja, and I heard that Giacosa thought seriously of making it red label, but decided that as it was the first vintage, to perhaps wait. Red label all the way for me, and an utterly brilliant wine in the making.

Thanks Mark.