Getting Error on How I Usually Come here

Anyone else getting this when you come here through your normal way?

First I’ve heard of, and it’s on a secure site with active and instantly renewing certificate - try purging/clearing your cache for this site, probably the browser has cached your old certificate from the old server

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I get that error with actual inside company work sites sometimes. It’s not the site. Clear the cache and it goes away.

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It might be a Browser issue. For me - Firefox vs Edge. I’ve cleared cache, cookies, temp files, everything in Firefox, but it still shows a cert that expired on 4/26. I even changed my security settings and disabled my extensions and it doesnt change anything.

Clearing the cache did nothing. I had to remove the from my history–which is what I had bookmarked for the site.

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Please send a screenshot including the URL - that it is a very isolated issue, only a couple people, shows the certificate is legit, we just have to figure out why yours is not working properly

i’ve come across this before here. it’s an annoying combo of how the site deploys new SSL certs AND the myriad ways that browsers handle these updates. earlier this week, safari blocked (showing a cert that expired on april 26 hence this post) but chrome was fine (but showing an expired cert from november '22!).

depending on your browser, clearing the cache should work (but not always).

google “clear SSL state” or similar for each browser and that should work. alternatively “clear [your browser] cache for one site” will work too.

quit the browser(s) and restart.


edit: if you’re accessing wb from an existing favorites/bookmark you may have to delete that on safari and replace with a new one. try it by typing the website url into the bar instead of clicking on an existing bookmarked link.

Also, I"m guessing you bookmarked the site without https: so just delete the bookmark, make a new one

I get this message when I’m on a public Wi-Fi network that blocks alcohol and other various websites that they block.

vpn will solve that issue.

also, never use a public wifi network without vpn.

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Actually its fascinating. I dont bookmark stuff, I just type it in. If I type in, I get the expired certificate warning. If I type in, i dont get the expired cert warning. I tried it a few times after flushing everything between each step.

Then it’s cached somewhere in your browser

Edit to add: the current server certificate has www. in it - if your cache or typed address doesn’t have www. in it you will get that error

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this is related to the cert deployment here AND the browser being used. which browser are you using?

I’m getting. this with chrome now. Clearing the cache has no effect.

Just hit the advanced button and say to go to the site anyways.

Two posts above- Getting Error on How I Usually Come here - #13 by ToddFrench

You need www in the dress - that’s a cached/saved URL