German Spatburgunder

Yes the Weiss were 2016. I would definitely open one in the near future then save the other two.

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So far their wines have aged faster than expected (mostly based on the 2017’s). But the jury is still out. So far I have preferred the wines around two years after release.

For me the real test will be the 2018’s. I have a lot of them and are not touching them right now as they seem to close down. But they will allow me to get proper data and not base my assumptions on very few samples as it is now. But I will personally drink atleast 60-70% of my 2019-2021’s on the younger side as I love them with just that extra amount of age. I don’t want to sit back with a huge collection I don’t enjoy.

The Weissburgunder’s age very well though. Had a few 16’s that are still surprisingly young! Down to a single 2016 Bellen which I will give another year or two in the cellar. For science you know :smile:


I have been concerned about this because the Mobitz wines aged fast as well. Which reminds me I better drink some soon!

I know I mentioned it before but I’m convinced your wines didn’t travel well. I sourced directly from the source and would have wished for yours to show as well too. If you pass by Amsterdam I’ll be happy to open one of the 2014s (the first vintage I bought).

The 2014 Kanzel shared with @Blake_Brown beginning of the summer show no signs whatsoever of aging fast. On the contrary, really took its time to open up, primary, and as Henrik mentioned when I ahead of opening the wine asked him about his thoughts for decanting an so on… can only concur with his expectation that it is not in its optimal window despite showing quite well already (there is more that will come with time).

I have had quite a few Mobitz including in Germany. Not all have been advanced. I still have a decent amount in the cellar including lots of Enderle & Moll. Time to check in on some…

Check in is fun, hope they show well.

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@Robert_Dentice Could you recommend me any restaurant in NY (preferably Manhattan) with a good Spätburgunder selection? I’ll be there this weekend :wine_glass:

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Wrong thread

Just opened the first of my 2018 Enderle & Moll Liaison:

From the solar 2018 vintage. There is a deep earthiness mixed with sour cherry. The sable tannin binds the elements together. Decant or give it a few hours air. Excellent.


A friend from from Berlin is visiting and brought a few Frühburgundern either not found in the U.S. or hard to source. Hope to add a few notes soon to this Spätburgunder thread, if allowed. :smirk_cat:


I love Frühburgunder! I am making a rose from Frühburgunder in 2023 for Soilpimp Selections. Please do post.

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I keep telling everyone who wants to listen to me (:grin:) that 2018 is their best vintage!


Can’t beat noreetuh for geeky German wines.

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Another producer that I haven’t tried - WITTMANN

How are their Spatburgunders? I have 2019 and 2015 available.

I love their upper tier Rieslings -

Never tried one of their Spatburgunders. I don’t even recall seeing one in the U.S. A quick check on wine-searcher shows they are available. I will try one.

They are with Winebow nationwide - ordering a couple bottles for myself to try of each vintage - I hear great things about them -

I am from the Netherlands aswell and have been searching for Wasenhaus. Do you have an idea for where to buy it?

You should hit up the Wasenhaus guys, I am sure they can help point you in the right direct. Not sure about the The Netherlands but I was amused as how much Wasenhaus there is in Copenhagen. The demand for it in the U.S. is just off the charts as you can see by the recent auction where a 19 Base level sold for over $300 with the auction fees

Hi Duco,

Don’t think anyone in NL imports them (as far as I’m aware) but there are a few German merchants who sell and can transport to NL with reasonable cost. Haven’t checked in a while but maybe just use a wine-searcher.

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Good suggestions, thanks. Will send them an email to find out.

German merchants is a good suggestion aswell. I try to mainly buy via local merchants but if there’s no other way that would be a solution.