German Spatburgunder

Thatcher had a bunch of Wasenhaus listed yesterday…I don’t know the producer but know all of you are Gaga. Lots of 2020 and 2021…grand ordinarie to what seemed to be their top bottlings.

Seemed like 100-150 bottles…all sold out within an hour tops.

All generally sold out before the email went live because people were checking the website in advance.


I would sell my last 2019 Spätburgunder at 245$ :sweat_smile:

Even though it is a pretty good wine drinking at its peak now.

I was thinking exactly the same (@LasseK), then something @Keith_Levenberg mentioned about a burgundy wine came to mind - believe he sold when he thought the prices gone crazy and couldn’t increase more. After selling the bottle(s) prices seem to have continued to increase more than just a little bit.

I think I have 3-4 bottles, will maybe sell all but one at the 245 level and leave one bottle just in case… :joy:

Don’t think I share notes about two 2013 Ziereisen I had a while back.

Tschuppen Blauer Spätburgunder - a Eur13 bottle, which 10 years from the vintage perhaps not surprisingly is getting a tired. Fruit has faded and should have been drunk a couple of years ago.

Ziereisen Schulen Blauer Spätburgunder (Eur23) - this on the other hand is another story. PnP Drunk chilled, over 2-3 days.

Darke berries, red/dark cherries, strawberries, herbal, silky yet still a bit grainy texture and fresh acidity. Hint of amaro pleasant bitterness. A long sapidic finish, a pleasure to drink. Best from the second day on.


It took me a while but my conviction slowly eroded up to the point where I had to jump on the bandwagon and see for myself.

Order in for 2021 Wasenhaus Spätburgunder, Vulkan and Bellen. We’ll see what all the fuss is about :wink:.

We will see if I enjoy them but whatever the conclusion, thank you to all on this thread for pointing me in another direction and broadening my wine journey. Cheers!

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2013 Dr. Heger „Häusleboden“ Ihringer Winklerberg Spätburgunder GG

Here we have the oldest Spätburgunder vineyard at Winklerberg from the far southwest of Germany, Baden. Planted in 1956, a selection Massale from Clos Vougeot Grand Cru.

„The vintage 2013 is cool and classic in the best sense and the Spätburgunder age excellently.“

A superb Spätburgunder which is as hedonistic as the winemaker himself, Joachim Heger. He is a true hedonist and such warm-hearted. A true guy from the Baden region or like we say, „ein echter Badenser“. Here we have a warm rich fruit of cherry&cranberry mixed with spicy&smoky notes. The spicy notes come from the vulcanic soil „Vulkanverwitterungsbestein“ combined with limestone „Kalkadern“. Despite the richness of the fruit, it is not overloaded. Really not, instead it will warm your soul. Perfectly aged, but no hurry. I recommend to open a bottle for the upcoming autumn/winter season with many stew dishes ahead.



according to the several wine-journalists 2019 is even better. 98/100 for the 2019 version by Stuart Pigott&J. Suckling. Also 97/100 by FALSTAFF. If you are interested, have a look. The 2019 is available here:


Curious to hear your thoughts on the 2021 Bellen (in my extensive search, I found none in the US markets - just the base spatburgunder, Vulkan and Mohlin).

The wines are particularly ethereal and lifted in 2021 - definition of power without weight. A friend and I took an early look at a 2021 Mohlin and found it to be stunning, if on the cooler side. Definitely not a wine for those who dislike acid / lighter expressions (all the reds seem to be 11.5% abv this vintage!)

2021 is certainly a more aquired taste than previous vintages. I really like them (the base Spätburgunder). But as you state this is high acidity wines with 11,5% abv. Some mind find them “weak” if that makes sense.

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You and me both! I think despite their lightness they have all the whole cluster perfume and red-fruited elegance I associate with (and love about) Wasenhaus - they’re super impactful wines without being weighty.

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Completely agree. Bought 12x of the base Spätburgunder as I still really enjoy it :grin:

I’m definitely not opposed to lighter and more acid pinot as long as there is the flavor depth to bring it on. What you both describe above reminds me a bit of Ostertag Pinot in Alsace (I think the last I had was the 2014 “E”) and I quite liked those. So I’m looking forward to them!

Love all of the excitement around Spätburgunder. I need to mark-to-market my wine collection after the winebid sale! My net worth just went up.

I look forward to your notes. I find starting the 2021s with a slight chill does wonders. Just a tad cooler than cellar temperature.

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Waiting for my allocation confirmation for Wasenhaus.
Should get informed somewhere in October.

I really like the more ethereal style of PN but hoping that they are also age-worthy (Vulkan, Bellen).
Also have the option for some chardonnay.

Curious where you are located? I don’t know how long they will age. I can tell you at a dinner last July we opened a bunch of 2016 and they were stunning. Only year 6 but they really did show great development. What really blew my mind was how great the Weissburgunders were.

Directly at Wasenhaus… (Living in the Netherlands)

Very cool!

I’m not sure of peak. 2019 is strong and very young

Was the Weissburgunder you drank last July a 2016 as well? I have 3x of the 2020 Weissburgunder Bellen and am trying to figure out when to open one. If they age as well as you indicate, I’ll hold off!