German Spatburgunder

2016 Wasenhaus Vulkan Spatburgunder - Wow…this is drinking SO good. Eight years of age has really helped this wine open up. It has not turned the corner to tertiary flavors common in older Pinot just yet but it has opened up wonderfully. Juicy dark berry fruit that is so pure, some orange rind, a nice uplifting acidity and an extremely long finish. This is a stunning wine that is just so drinkable but also complex. This was consistent with a bunch of 2016s tasted back in June, 2016 was their first vintage. Paired wonderfully with my wife’s roast chicken done under Kombu with root vegetables. I can still taste it a day later…


I’m curious if you know anything about the use of this term. Meinklang uses it in several of their bottlings. Of course, I think of pointy ears when I encounter it…

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It means Vulcano and these particular grapes are grown on soil that is made up of shallow black Volcanic rock.


Drink long and prosper


Anyone want to offer their ranking of the different wines?

which wines?


Wasenhaus Spatburgunder. Spatburgunders. Spatburgunderei, Spatburgubderen.


I have never opened more than one at a time.

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Damn i should have kept some. But when i discovered them i got so excited that i opened most of my bottles. Oldest Vulkan left is 2017… Got both 16 red and white Bellen in my offsite storage space though.

The base 2020 Spätburgunder is really good for those interested in the newest vintage.

I really love the wines from Wasenhaus! But they are becoming increasingly harder to find.


Only tasted the 2016 Spätburgunder, Vulkan and Bellen next to each other a few years back. And as expected you did get some extra depth as you stepped up in price. But not as much at release as expected. However… having followed the 17’s since release the difference really becomes more clear as they age.

I have not opened any of my Am Kreuz, Kanzel or Mohlin yet… i treasure each bottle i open a lot as i know i won’t be able to buy them in a few years time.

Already max 2 of each at most European sellers now.

So happy I have a decent stash of older ones! As I mentioned to you they lost 80% of their crop in 21.

I have normally bought from 4-5 different German sources and a bit from the Danish importer. For the 2020’s i could only buy from two of them and with more strict limits… i do have a decent stash though :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Robert_Dentice do you have any experience with Carsten Saalwächter?

Yes we sell them in the U.S. through source | material. I am obviously a big fan.

Another producer we sell that makes excellent Spatburgunder is Jonas Dostert, lighter than Wasenhaus but so delicious.

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Ha. Can’t find Wasenhaus so buy Jonas! He makes two barrels. :joy:

Makalie is the new kid on the block (we are working with them but in single digits quantities per cuvée.


Had the 2019 Spätburgunder Alte Reben back in July. Very good. Maybe i should start filling the cellar :slightly_smiling_face:

Last question… does anyone have experience with Charlotte and David Beck’s Spätburgunders from Baden?

Ha! I did not think of it that way…

How about Lukas Hammelmann : )

Lassek / Russell - Have either of you tried a recent vintage Enderle and Moll? I hear they are back on track.


No I have not. I did bring one back from Germany and almost opened it last night. I will report back.


I have an E+M Muschelkalk 2020 coming this week.