German Spatburgunder (MAJOR UPDATES)

A fine premium Spaetburgunder from Rheingau. The estate can be traced back to the 11th century! Unmistakably German (German clones, apparently) with the usual herbal, peaty, smokey tones. Rich fruit, with overripe cherries dominating, held in check by mineral, graphite elements.

Different, but holding up well to a premium Burgundy. Spaetburgunder for Barolo drinkers.


2013 Weingut der Stadt Klingenberg „Klingenberger Schlossberg„ Spätburgunder Großes Gewächs

First, the estate is now called „STEINTAL“, after Benedikt Baltes sold the estate a couple of years ago. He went back to the Ahr and to his wife Julia, also a very gifted Spätburgunder winemaker, and both founded the estate Bertram-Baltes.

After the first sip you will notice a huge contrast in style to his competitor the estate Fürst. This Spätburgunder is all about black fruits and power. Black cherry, blackberry, hint of black chocolate, spice and minerality. What a force, a bit like HULK in the bottle. I mean it in a postive way.

Normally this style is not my cup of tea, as I prefer red fruits, finesse and elegance. But I have to say it is truely great, well-made and simply impressive. Clearly needs another 5-10 years. I am quite happy to have a case in the cellar.



Excellent wines, just give them enough time. I think I reported on a 2011 sometime ago. Also have a few left, including the magical Terra 1261


I remember visiting the winery fondly around 2014, based on your recommendation and introduction. I still have a couple of bottles. I tried to visit Bertram-Baltes in December but it did not work out.

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2016 is one of the most underrated vintages for white and red. And is absolutely coming into its own now. So damn pretty, delicate and fun.

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Be very curious to hear what you think. I have a couple from their first vintage (2020) in the cellar. Loved meeting the two of them and the vineyards are beautiful!


as expected and hoped the 2013 Spätburgunder „Schlossberg“ by Benedikt Baltes is perfect on Day 3


I had the 2011 Mobitz Koepfle this weekend. Didn’t take formal notes, but showed well and still on the upswing. Fairly muscular for a spatburgunder – not from oak, just the material. Have 1 or 2 more, IIRC, will hold for another couple of years at least.

Not a crime to open now, but I would give it a bit of air if you do.


Fass Selections is offering Sven’s top cuvée, the 2022 Pinot Noir “Kalk” (requested 4 bottles), but it looks like we have to wait until the spring of 2025 to get them; unless you happen to live in Denmark :sweat_smile:

You searched for Sven Enderle - Extrabrut Vinimport


2017 Weingut Kreuzberg Silberberg GG - Overall nice wine that I enjoyed. Starting to show some signs of age. The fruit was ripe but not over the top. It lacked a little precision and if I am honest some of the excitement of some of the newer producers of Spatburgunder, it could just be the vintage or age. I have a 2020 from the same producer that I look forward to trying.

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Already ordered from the danish importer. Will have them within a week or so :slightly_smiling_face:


2013 Enderle & Moll „Muschelkalk“ Pinot Noir, Baden

What a beautiful Pinot Noir.

Lovely transparent colour and then a truely intoxicating bouquet.

On the palate a basket of raspberry&strawberry and spice like clove. Overall such floral and elegant. I am such happy that I opened this 2013er yesterday. Now is the perfect time for this „Chambolle-Musigny“. No decanting, please! And the drinking pleasure………Mmmmh.

Anyway what an achievement by Sven Enderle&Florian Moll. :clap:



Sounds :ok_hand::wine_glass:

Agree with the no decanting advice as well for their wines.

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