German Digestifs/Aperitifs

I am heading to Germany (Nuremberg/Bavaria) next week for 10 days or so and am interested in trying some German spirits, specifically digestifs/aperitifs. Anyone out there have any recommendations of some to look for? And of course I will also be hitting the beers and wines (also any rec’s much appreciated). Thanks!

Used to be able to get Underberg locally, & really liked it.

This is a “real” digestif, unlike the sweet, slightly bitter Campari.

Just sayin’ . . .

Wine recs need an entire thread, but try the local stuff! LOL

Cheers! [cheers.gif]

Underberg is the stuff

Most of the “serious” bitters are based on the Gentian, auf deutsch “Enzian.”

They grow at high altitudes

There is a Tyrolean song, “Wenn wir auf den Gifpel steigen” that has the line “Ein Enzian ge’en Durst!”

It’s around 2:40

Riedel, being Austrian, actually has a glass for Underberg bitters. It is essentially impossible to find in the USA and also very fragile and impractical.

I got a bottle of an Enzian based liqueur when I was in Switzerland but gave it away to someone who hosted us. I am trying to remember if we also bought some Genepi. I remember making the joke that it meant “I do not urinate.” That seems to be more closely related to Absinthe.