Gawd d%$@mit Merrill!!!! (2009 EMH Black Cat)

Merrill, you’re screwing up my program. First off, I have managed to whittle down my list of wineries that I buy Cab from each year to only a handful. Second, when I sample a bottle for the first time I like to enjoy the first glass’ evolution over the course of a half hour or more. You ruined both in one fell swoop with your 2009 Black Cat. The first glass on the pop ‘n’ pour didn’t last long enough to even jot down a few scribbles!

Tasting note to follow… once I sate my palate and have the time to really concentrate on this.

BTW, love the kitty on the cork.

About as good of a review as anyone can ask for.

Posted a tasting note:

(waited til I got some more at an East Coast retailer first [wink.gif] )

Clearly your failure was not buying a magnum. I did.

I hate you.

(which is a serious compliment in my region)

Agreed, Joe! I don’t need to clamor for 98 points - I will take 92-94 all day long. Each vintage. You know what it is like to have your wine - and essentially yourself - out there.

To me, the 2009 Black Cat is not at all a pop and pour. 4 hours makes this one shine. And it is not going anywhere fast. I recently preferred the 2008. I think a bunch of Berserkers have these wines in their cellars from BerserkerDays past.

Aha! Indeed Mr. Gleason slid a couple of magnums his way. Quite an honor for me.

My wife limited me to two bottles so I took the big ones!

I used to use Parker ratings this way. I found that historically great wines he rated in the low to mid 90’s were my favorites, above wines from the same properties that he rated higher… and they were cheaper. These wines had all the class and more finesse than the bigger ones, and plenty of stuffing.

You don’t need to stand a spoon in it to have a great wine.

Totally on the same plane with you there. With only one exception I can remember (2002 Lokoya Diamond Mountain), I usually don’t enjoy the bottles Parker scores 96 points or higher as much as the 90 - 94 pointers.

Looking through my tasting notes on CellarTracker, these are some interesting Cabs around the same score of 93 points that I rated Merrill’s 2009 Black Cat at:

2003 Paul Hobbs Beckstoffer To-Kalon: 94 points
2005 Shafer One Point Five: 94 points
2012 Checkerboard King’s Row: 92 points
2012 JEC Rutherford Reserve: 93 points

You’re in excellent company Merrill. [cheers.gif] I’m not a graduate of the James Suckling School of Point Inflation either, so 93 points classifies as a “must buy again”. [basic-smile.gif]

I almost opened this last Saturday for dinner but some last minute people got added to the dinner plans and I wanted to enjoy this one with just me and the wife (seeing as we met Merrill the day after we got engaged in Napa). Merrill sent us home with quite a nice gift as well. She is a great person which makes enjoying the wines even better!

I opened 2008 and 2010, and both are drinking quite nicely. I like a minimum 2 hour decant. The 2011 has no apologies to make from that difficult vintage - those on the more AFWE side seem to prefer this one.

Recently was able to taste four different EMH Cab’s, including the 2014 Sparkles. I can say that all of them were very delicious. I am behind in getting a post up about it…hopefully later today when I get home.

The Sparkles is a one shot deal…single barrel of 2014. Showing just lovely at 2 months in bottle.

That’s an understatement. Awesome wine [cheers.gif]