Gavroche Red Ale

Drinking this right now.

Gavroche is a bottle-conditioned French Red Ale brewed by St.-Sylvestre and aged “sur lie.”

More a dark golden hue than a “red,” the Gavroche has beautiful aromas of fresh hay, bread, dry peach, and apricot. This is about as smooth a beer for which one could wish. It is supple and delicious with a perfect balance between the malt and hop components. You can feel the acidity and bitter quality supporting the structure, but the floral and lush flavors are perfectly married to this skeleton.

I think it was $5 for a 11.2oz. Totally worth it!

This is among my favorite beers of all time in any category. I am eagerly awaiting the day it again becomes available in my area. Your tasting note is great. I like that there is complexity to the beer (layers of flavor), but it’s so well balanced that nothing jumps out at me over any other component. It also has the great, creamy mouthfeel of a well done bottle conditioned beer.

nice music selection.

We just picked those up and also Tre Monts, a French Golden Ale of great class (the reserve reminds me of a Graves Blanc on the nose).

I borrowed the latest Slayer disc from a friend. I didn’t like it.

Bummer. I assumed it was a greatest hits album. Nothing of theirs will ever come close to Show No Mercy and Reign in Blood

We have this at Bistro LQ.