Gary V ends Wine Library TV and starts Daily Grape

I guess after episode #998 - and the terrific set of guests that he had on, he felt he had to move on to another outlet as he could not top perfection…

Looking forward to the new venture…

Gimme a break! He couldn’t hang with the panel from #996.

couldn’t agree more… how can you top that? Sad he didn’t quite go out on top, as evidenced by 999… neener

Of course, that begs the question…what exactly would a Scorsese episode of WLTV look like? Even better, how about Tarantino directing Gary? [cheers.gif]

Oh, and almost forgot, congrats to you guys, and am looking forward to what you have in store for us!

Used Nike sox worn by Mark Sanchez…99 points

But seriously (I can be, I swear) I’ve watched a few episodes and it’s amusing. But these days the model is to try and monetize everything, starting with a book…

I’m curious about how many people here are planning to sign up for the newsletter?

Watched quite a few,really loved it when he had guests on.Most of the shows were geared to a younger more novice wine group so I found myself only watching the “guest shows”,and I will miss those

I signed up. Figured why not…$2.22 a month is a cup of coffee. Can always cancel, but might as well see what it has to offer first.

I know it’s getting a little “old school” now but does anyone know if the podcast will continue? I know the iPhone app is already available but wasn’t sure about the podcast.

He did say on episode 1000 that WLTV would be around for those long interview shows.

Not only was the penultimate episode the best, and certainly classiest, but it had the best wine.

The first edition was free so I took a look. It looks like the newsletter is a bunch of tasting notes with scores.
Episode 30=Fun show!
GV- getting the co-eds into emerging market juice. And a little point spread differential
between JM and GV… [stirthepothal.gif]

GV mentioned the price will be increasing to $5 or 6/mo soon. I think it’s interesting that he’s plugging competing wine shops in his videos now. What do the subscribers think of the second newsletter?

Oh, just what I need, a loudmouth from Jersey to help me figure out what wines to drink!

Sorry, but the more time I spend with a glass in front of me, the more these critics just become obnoxious noise.

I’m with you on the critics. I used to read TNs but the more I read, the less I get out of them. I’ve found the wine niche that I enjoy and a critic isn’t going to change that. I’ll be happy drinking N. Rhones, Sauternes, a little red and white Burgundy and select CA producers for the rest of my life. Will I miss out? I guess, but that will leave room for surprises at offlines…

Nothing from Italy, especially Barolo and Brunello?

Episode #89 – The Final Grape
"After an amazing run that spanned more than half a decade, Gary Vaynerchuk today announces his retirement from producing regular wine video content. Thank you to all the Wine Library TV and Daily Grape fans that have made this chapter of Gary’s life so gratifying. "

So it says…


Great now I can delete the IPhone App as I never looked at it anyway.