Gary V ends Wine Library TV and starts Daily Grape

Congrats Gary V - a great ride to #1000.

I watched 2 episodes. This one and the one he reviewed '03 Clos des Papes.

Ok, now I’ve actually had a chance to look at what Daily Grape is… and one big piece of it is a pay newsletter. $2.22 a month intro offer. I get that Gary is trying to monetize his goodwill, but I always assumed that the huge upticks in business that Wine Library must have experienced made his making the WLTV episodes worth it. He definitely has a big following so it will be interesting how many will be willing to pay the $ for the future content. Perhaps Gary V was sensing an opportunity to be the wine arbiter of the next generation, with Parker starting to engineer his exit, and with Suckling moving in on the wine-videos-for-pay segment, and his own episode #1000 as a natural transition point.

I think for the $$ you get access to extra premium reviews on many more wines. I suspect the daily dose of GV is still free. There is also the obvious further distancing of GV from WineLibrary from a branding perspective which is important over time from an impartiality perspective.

I’ll drink a toast to Gary tonight and wish him much success!

Video content will be free - newsletter will be at a cost.

Gary V ate my baby.

Mazel Tov to Gary. He is a mench and a hard working one at that. The Jets still
suck but Gary will continue his upward trend…

they have a wine board too? will that be behind a paywall too?

Used Nike sox… 93 points.

Disclaimer: I work with Gary and am the lead of Daily Grape

Thanks to many for the kind words and well wishes. Daily Grape really is just the natural progression of WineLibraryTV, making the videos and content more on-the-go and mobile-friendly. We’re both really psyched to take this next step.

Nope, that will remain up and free.

That’s what happens after you get mesmerized by his face on the tubes above the gas pumps.

BTW, very positive comments about GV from RMP this AM on eBob.


Not to nitpick, but will this “natural progression” include technical progress as well? Maybe investing in a couple of microphones to capture passable audio and promising to never shoot video that looks like this -

Of course, this is nothing more than a cranky rant from the left coast. newhere

We’re upping the audio quality a bit with wireless lapel mics. Because most of the video is shot on-the-go, we use a small HD handheld camcorder. We won’t have Scorcese knocking down our door but it’s very solid quality.

I have mixed fealings about all this…For now I prefer things the way they were

I think the bigger question is, is Daily Grape going to be featured on CellarTracker like WLTV was? Get access to all of Gary V’s reviews automatically and such?

If they want to make it so, then yes it can be a channel. And the channel can be restricted to just the paying users etc. It’s really up to them. I was just about to send GV and Jon an email.

Glad to hear you say that! flirtysmile

Huge Congrats to GV and Jon Troutman! Looking forward to the next frontier.

Now that would be good!