Ganevat 2018

Friday i received my order of ‘18 Domaine Ganevat whites.
I always loved Fan Fan whites since the first time i tried them in Beaune during Easter of 2018.

They’ve always been one of the purest expression of Jura wine making.

Price wise the situation is different. While a great value when i started buyin them at 40/50€. Now for this new vintage they’re clocking at 90-130€. Probably it’s going to be the last vintage that i buy.

From what i understood due to the frost in 2019 and 2021 the domaine decide to have a longer élevage for 2018 vintage. 4years instead of the usual 3.

Anybody who already tried 18’s? I would love to have an opinion on this new vintage which should have been amazing in Jura.

I would also like to know how they fare with international shipping and handling. Since they’re without So2, i imagine a lot of variation for the USA imported bottles.

Thank you

My 18s just arrived but I won’t open them soon (apart from maybe a negoce). Prices are up for sure but the only one >100e was the VJ.

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Probably i’ll open one just to have a sample. I’m starting to drink my 2015 stash now.

Love them at 8-10 years.

Less than 100 if you have connections. I didn’t find them for less

Not sure why you think that’s the case. I drink a lot of Ganevat (some sourced in France, some through US importers) and have not found any significant bottle variation to speak of…

Back to the topic, the 18s are about to arrive here, so haven’t tasted them yet and my plan is similar to Russells since I love how Ganevat’s wines age.

I’m asking because usually So2 free wines, unless carefully transported, can show many problems along the way. Since i never tried a Ganevat across the pond, i was curious about it.

I heard many complaints about Lapierre wines for example.

Only had this 2018 Savagnin Montferrand (Negociant) so far. It was very muted and needed a lot of air to show anything. By far the weakest of these four wines when i tasted it.

So based on that i will not touch another 2018 for a while.

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Nice bottles!! And thank you for the input :+1:t2: