Gallo Purchases Another Vineyard - This One in SB County

The vineyard is called Rancho Real and sits in the corridor just south of Santa Maria, along the 101 on the east side as you drive down the hill from Los Alamos towards Santa Maria.

It’s been called ‘Murmur’ by numerous folks (not sure why) and has become a source of some pretty good grenache and syrah, though I think a lot of the vineyard is planted to Bordeaux varieties (yep, the soil and climate work for both). I believe the vineyard had been owned by the same company that owns Tooth and Nail and Rabble Wine Company up in Paso . . .

Larry, I’ve always wondered about that vineyard. Surprised they grow Bordeaux varietals there (it’s not mentioned in the press release).

That was actually a mistake, my friend. I meant to say Burgundian varieties. Sorry about that.