Futures of Futures...what a concept. Why didn't I think of it??

Just received an email from a CA merchant and apparently they are already taking deposits on the latest money losing proposition/vintage of the century in Bordeaux, 2009. What an incredible concept to create some needed cash flow. Take deposits on the next legendary vintage (like there is never going to be another one) about 7 months before prices are released and even the first few words from “The Savior” are uttered. Wow…nice set of balls there. At the same time, some (supposedly) top 2008s are being dumped. Wait, I thought 2008 was cheap and according to “The Savior” another great vintage. So why are they being discounted? I am confused, please help!

Who’s doing this??? [winner.gif]

Are they using Jeff Leve’s tasting notes from the 2009 vintage to promote the wines?

09 Lafleur from the Merlot is already showing some aromas. Very sweet, long and rich.

09 La Conseillante, we tasted several Merlot vats of 09 which all showed great sweetness and mouth filling sensations. Very concentrated flavors.


No… but they should! neener

Max… If this is true, (and I have never heard of something more insane), who is floating the offer?

Wow,…quite impressive. Would be interesting to know how they are basing their pricing…on a wine that isn’t out, that has no ratings, and no price set.


You don’t understand. You are not buying a wine. You are simply paying for the privilege of being able to buy the wines later once they are available (if and when they are). Of course, if you don’t like the prices once the wines are released, you can cancel the order that never was and you will probably be refunded your deposit… minus a re-stocking fee of course… [rofl.gif] In the end, it’s a totally interest free loan for at least eight months. In this wonderful economic climate of ours, it is just refreshing to see business entities coming up with this type of innovating and wonderful ideas to take people’s money.

Well…I guess if they can get it… headbang headbang


Surely with your connects you can find out!

That’s assuming, of course, that they’re still in business eight months from now. If they’re not . . . [oops.gif] [suicide.gif]

I have done this with Broadley for 10 years. They are selling futures on 09 vintage now. It’s a great deal, I save about 50% off what it will eventually retail for.

you said you had a bridge for sale neener

Someone help me, what is Broadley?

Dumkopf, it’s the opposite of Narrowley

Thanks, Ray.

Remind me to kick the crap out of you next time in the playground. neener

http://www.broadleyvineyards.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Looks like Gene and I might have to joust for the bridge. [berserker.gif] I’ve been buying Witness Tree futures for the past six or seven vintages and will, in all likelyhood, buy for the '09 vintage also.

Greg are you buying Witness Tree futures from a broker before the price from the winery has been set?

What is your Quest?

I know it sounds silly, but how different is that from someone who decides to buy bottles of this year’s bad vintage mail order offering for fear that they will be dropped from the list and won’t be able to get it next year? And Max - tell me you’ve never bought a wine from a distributor that you thought was not very good just to make sure he gave you an allocation of the good stuff? At least if you are only reserving a place in line for futures, you are not buying wine you expect to dislike just to make sure you get a chance to buy some other wine next year.

Uh, Jay, it is very different.

By buying last year’s bad vintage, you are actually buying something.

Here, you are just supporting a store, that appears to be in trouble financially and is selling a product that they do not own. When you buy futures from a winery, the winery actually owns something.

When I started in this business, many UK brokers used to take your requests for BDX futures months in advance, but no money ever changed hands.