Future Boston MA offlines (post-ebob)

Now that the ebob (or as I prefer to call them ****) board has gone subscriber only, can we all agree to organize Boston offlines here instead (or at the very least double post)? I’m a **** subscriber, but I’m sure plenty of Bostonites are not. It would be a pity to split us into two.

I have always posted in both forum’s.
You missed a doozie of an OL at a place we will now use a lot.

Good idea Kevin…

Yes, sorry to have missed it. But our CdP dinner in DC that evening was pretty good too (I might go so far as to call it “hedonistic”).

Also, I snagged a '64 Monte Bello with a top of the shoulder fill to bring back (apparently from the cellar of one of the original owners). Birth year wine, so I’ll save it for my 50th.

i agree! that was a fun tasting.