FULL: Sept 23rd Live (freshly killed on the spot) Sushi in East Los Angeles!!

Please add me to the Mix.

updated! looking forward to this. Tons and Tons of food!

Thanks for the “heads-up” and getting us on the list, Bob! [thumbs-up.gif]

Wait. Freed is going to be there?

Hmmm. Need to think this one through. neener

We are confirmed 14 people at 715 pm on September 23! Bring your own glasses!

LURLINE!!! Don’t mess with me or I bring syrah and tell everyone YOU made me do it!

Looks like I’ll be expanding this to 16 for rob thorton and ed law. I called the store and they could accommodate us if we sit at 3 tables instead of 2.

The place is ultra tiny, only 5 tables in all so we will still be nice and close :slight_smile:

I wish this were on a different night. Place sounds very good. Have fun y’all.

Bump to confirm attendance :slight_smile:

I’m still in and could bring Champagne or a Burg (white or red).


We are still in

In 

See you there!

Still in + 1

whatever suits your fancy! Please remember everyone, bring your own glass or two!

LOL at your title. East Los Angeles? Take a look at a map lately, ese? [snort.gif]

Sounds like a great time. Enjoy!


we miss you Kriss!

hey all.

please bring cash. I would say $40-60 should be more than enough. Also bring glasses!!!


Cris is off the waitlist and we are at a solid 14 ppl.

See you all tmrw! Bring stems :slight_smile: