FULL: Sept 23rd Live (freshly killed on the spot) Sushi in East Los Angeles!!

Sup All.

I’m having a hankering to organize another authentic Asian offline. From peking duck to now… korean sushi @ Dong Bu Live Fish in Rowland Heights on September 23rd @ 7:15pm.

18785 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

The idea here is quite novel. The restaurant has a series of tanks with Halibut, Sheepheads, Spot Prawns, Abalone, Eel and other daily catches. You order and it comes out of the tank —> chopped —> served to you instantly (if we’re facebook friends then you’ve seen it). You eat it wrapped in red leaf lettuce and their bean sauce. It also comes with a wide variety of appetizers and side dishes (not just your standard korean dishes) that are mostly based on more seafood.

I ventured here with Ryan Curry and Powell Yang and we all enjoyed it. The price runs about $30-60 pp depending on how much we order. After talking to the family that owns it, they are very amicable to us bringing wine to the restaurant (as long as we bring our own stems).

I’m shooting for sometime in October or maybe even late September. The location is quite small so we can probably accommodate two tables of 7 for a total of 14 people. Also since it’s not traditional sushi, we don’t have to worry about pairing it like traditional sushi. In all honesty you can bring whatever you’d like but I think something like Champagne, lighter pinot, and chard would go quite well with the food. Lots of acid in the dishes.


LIST (CAPPING AT 16) will first reduce to 14 then pull from waitlist.

  1. Charlie

  2. Cris

  3. Rick Matsui

  4. Leslie

  5. Clem

  6. Veronica

  7. Arnie

  8. Bob

  9. Bob+1

  10. Ron

  11. Ron +1

  12. Robocop

  13. Robert Thorton

  14. Ed Law

Sounds interesting. If the date works out, my wife and I are in.

Sounds cool. Sounds like good Chablis too!

wow! Ok! Sign me up, please.

Kind of cruel having this knowing Major Fun can’t make it. [popcorn.gif]

Lisa & I would like to go


I might even be able to fit 16, but I’d have to talk to the restaurant first. The place has at most 6 tables and 2 of them are 6-7 seaters. Once I get enough interest, I will go to the restaurant and discuss the particulars with them.

I’d like to do this either Sept 23rd or October 7th/18th. If anyone has any objections to the date or has a date they’d prefer, please post =).

my choices for the date would be the 23rd of sept or 18th of oct.

I also am a big fan of Sept 23rd.

Since I’m planning the event, I have deemed it so for Sept 23rd. I will go talk to the restaurant in a week or so about handling our group. I spoke to them last time I went and they were fine with a large party.

I will be solo on the 23rd

I wonder if this is too far in the hood for west LA’ites and OC’ites :smiley:

You have it a week early I’ll ride up as I am in La Jolla for CME.

sorry bud =( The last weeks of the month are always all nighters for me @ the office.

It sounds interesting, please add my wife and I to the list

Too far for sushi, juice and friends???



Unless my traveling plan to Hong Kong gets changed or you move the dinner to October, I can’t make it…

Sign me up!

OCers. Feel free to meet up here and we can carpool, but I am about 10 mins out of the way if you take the 60 to get there.

Double damn. I get on a plane that morning for Portugal. I so want to go check this place out too.

Charlie, schedule round two for late October after I get back.

sorry andy!

Charlie can you please add two more, Ron + 1