FS: Garagiste Water Allocation

I won’t be able to take my 2 cases of each water, but I know it’s a highly sought allocation. PM is the best way to reach me if you want it.

Maybe someone wants to buy it and flip it on WaterBid.com?

Can you post close-up pics of the labels and capsules please? You can never be too careful these days with fakes.

Is this the 09? I know for a fact that the 08 is already showing old and musty notes. Without the adequate information you, my friend, will find this to be a tough sell.

I’m still waiting for the rating from JL.

BigJ gave it 87 points if that’s any indication.

Points only or was there actually a review?

Only comment was, “will age well in bottle for an additional 27 months”. Strange

[shock.gif] 87 points from the Dr.?!?!?!?!? That’s like a 60 in real life. Pass!

No, that just means it was elegant and well-balanced.

No, no, no, no … you guys must have this H2O, imported by one of the finest importers of low production water in America, confused with some other water. He rated it 94+ and put a full note with it … “consumed three bottles in rapid succession on Sunday morning after a quick hurl brought on from a late night on an anonymous benefactor’s yacht quaffing the finest fortpolio of wines currently imported to the American market. This water has little to no after taste and a nearly 0.4 second finish. The mouthfeel was full bodied but, that may have been more a result of the fact that my tongue had grown a coating of hair overnight while I was crashed. NOW-2012.”

I’m interested, but concerned about the provenance. Can you give me some assurance that it’s been cellared properly? Also, can you hold it for fall shipping? I don’t want to get a case of cooked water.

It’s you flippers that are driving up the secondary market prices for water. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jon didn’t start tracking bottles individually.

I was able to trade my Aubert Pinot bottle for bottle so I’m happy…

who here drinks only tap at restaurants? Does anyone in this thread drink sparkling water @ restaurants?

I drink good old tap water except at the few places that automatically pour bottled water.

It turns out that Jay’s original score was from some prop bottles instead of the real thing. The revised score for the real thing was 98.