FS/FT: Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Yr - San Francisco only SOLD

Selling / Trading 2 bottles of the Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 Year. Bought 3 of these, opened one and it’s not my cup of tea. Price is $50 a bottle (bought these at $45+ tax, I know its only $33 msrp but this is San Francisco). I am also open to trade with wine but to be honest selling would probably be easier. I like Burgundy red and white.

San Francisco direct sale / trade only. I will not ship, not worth the hassle. Just reply to this thread for inquiries.


  • Joel

That’s a good deal, refreshing to see a fair price on a hard to find bourbon.,wish I was local.

the SF chronicle thing must have made this more popular. It used to be available all over the place for $30.

It is on the shelves everywhere in the Twin Cities, onnaverage about $35

We sell this to Costco each allocation, I’ll try to remember to give you a heads up. I think they sell for $34.99.

Thanks Kris!

Currently $75-125 on shelves in NYC.