FS: Burgundy Discount. UPDATE

A few items for sale. Buyer assumes all risk Nd pays for shipping.

6 btls. 99 Potel Gaudichots VERY RARE $500 each SOLD OUT
9 btls. 12 Dauvissaut Forest $50 each SOLD
1 btl. 09 Mugnier Amoureuses. $700
1 btl. 09 Dujac Bonnes Mares. $750 SOLD
1 btl. 93 DeMontille Pommard Pezerolles $200
3 btls. 01 Truchot CDLR $600 each SOLD
5 btls. 96 Truchot CDLR $600 each SOLD
1 btl. 98 Truchot CDLR $500 SOLD
1 btl. 97 Truchot CDLR $500 SOLD
1 btl. 10 Dujac Bonnes Mares $800 SOLD
5 btls. 08 Le Moine Vosne Gaudichots. $750 each
4btls. 09 Drouhin Musigny $700 each

I will offer a 10 percent discount off these prices. This will be a one time offer then they go to a retailer. This does not apply to the 01 Truchot.

Please email me at nickgangas@yahoo.com

Thank you


You’re always selling such good wines… I just wish I had an unlimited budget.

Ross. Grab the Gaudichots. Goes great with Peking Duck!!!

Duck with a side of unicorn??

Mmmm. Tasty Unicorn!

I like my unicorn medium rare.

For a moment I thought you had the Sagrada Familia for sale.

might need to trade 99 LT for some of that Truchot stuff . . .

We can work a nice package Doc. I have other vintages.

Wow, if people are really trading LT for Truchot, I need to take stock of my Truchot and get in the game!



Achtung! I hemmed and hawed and waited too long for the Potel Gaudichots… [head-bang.gif]