FS: 2011 Sine Qua Non "Dark Blossom" 2xSyrah/2xGrenache - OREGON

I purchased one 6-pack of each direct from SQN (via my buddy’s mailing list status.)
AWESOME WINES! We recently had the Syrah. Decanted and nursed over 4-5 hours. WOW!

The storage history is:
SQN direct to me at the winery I lived at a winery in Napa Valley. Stored at the winery.
When I moved to Oregon (4 years ago,) I took utmost care in the transport. Transport was in December. My wines were not exposed to heat.
Truck loaded in the evening. At home, my wines have been temperature controlled.

Why am I selling?
I have enjoyed a couple bottles of each of these. As awesome as these wines are, they are no longer my preferred style. (I know that some of you understand what I mean.) I would prefer to drink older Bdx/CdP/Burgundy. That being said, I am holding on to 2 bottles of each. I will share with friends in the future. (It’s always neat to “pull out a SQN” to share. lol) I recently sold my extra OWC 6-pack of Patine that I also purchased winery direct for the same reason. I kept my second one.

Based on W-S pricing, I am asking $1,400 for the 4-pack.

I will deliver in Oregon or ship (at buyer’s risk) with a provided shipping label.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
Thank you.

How about $.

Still available. $1300.