FS: 1996 Pierre Peters Cuvee Speciale Les Chetillons MAG

1 x 1996 Pierre Peters Cuvee Special Chetillons 1.5L Magnum - $225

The foil capsule on the magnum is still attached but is a little loose. You don’t drink the foil and in the grand scheme of things it means nothing, but just in the interest of full disclosure. I’m happy to send a photo if needed.

As an FYI, this is the Cuvee Speciale Les Chetillons single vineyard wines despite the label not stating that fact. According to Brad Baker, Pierre Peters didn’t add Cuvee Speciale to the label until 1998 and the vineyard Les Chetillons didn’t get added until the 2000 vintage. It’s the same black and gold label with the flowers that are on current vintages, sans “Cuvee Speciale Les Chetillons.”

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